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  1. Runaway Inflation
  2. Dollar
  3. Debasing
  4. Fine Silver
  5. Tanstaafl
  1. a The purity of a precious metal
  2. b When prices rise rapidly, every few hours.
  3. c Almost nothing is free, someone must pay for it
  4. d A one-ounce ingot of silver
  5. e Reducing the value of a coin by reducing the amount of precious metal in it.

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  1. The speed at which money changes hands.
  2. Bad money drives good money out of circulation. People hoard good money and trade with legally overvalued money.
  3. A disk of base metal which can be used as a substitute for a coin
  4. To make something that is fake or phonylly overvalued money.
  5. Prices increases rising at 10 to 99 percent per year due to inflation

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  1. Law of EconomicsLegal tender money


  2. BanknoteToday, it is paper money. Originally, it was an IOU from a bank


  3. ReedingThe notches on the edge of a coin


  4. DeflationAn increase in the amount of money which causes the money to lose value, so the prices rise


  5. ClippingA wafer or disk of precious metal