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  1. Subsidy
  2. Banknote
  3. Legal Tender Law
  4. Money
  5. Token
  1. a A disk of base metal which can be used as a substitute for a coin
  2. b Today, it is paper money. Originally, it was an IOU from a bank
  3. c A government program tax money away, usually to rich people or large companies
  4. d A law which provides for the punishment of anyone who refuses to accept the legal tender money
  5. e The most easily traded thing in a society

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  1. A coin made of different metals.
  2. The notches on the edge of a coin
  3. The purity of a precious metal
  4. A non-precious metal like copper or nickel
  5. The mint-mark of a coin which tells who made the coin

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  1. TanstaaflThe mint-mark of a coin which tells who made the coin


  2. Law of supply and demandAn unchanging fact of life which deals with production and distribution of wealth.


  3. DepressionThe beginning of a depression that never went all the way.


  4. Business CycleProsperity followed by recession followed by prosperity followed by recession, and so forth.


  5. InflationAn increase in the amount of money which causes the money to lose value, so the prices rise