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  1. Clipping
  2. Reeding
  3. Dollar
  4. Legal Tender Law
  5. Law of supply and demand
  1. a Shaving the edges of a coin in order to get some of the precious metal from the coin
  2. b A one-ounce ingot of silver
  3. c A law which provides for the punishment of anyone who refuses to accept the legal tender money
  4. d The notches on the edge of a coin
  5. e When the supply of something goes up, the price per unit of that thing goes down

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  1. Prices increases rising at 10 to 99 percent per year due to inflation
  2. Reducing the value of a coin by reducing the amount of precious metal in it.
  3. The desire to hold money rather than trade it.
  4. Legal tender money
  5. A wafer or disk of precious metal

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  1. DepressionThe beginning of a depression that never went all the way.


  2. CounterfeitingThe notches on the edge of a coin


  3. Base MetalA non-precious metal like copper or nickel


  4. VelocityA decrease in the ammount of money.


  5. Welfare ProgramA non-precious metal like copper or nickel