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a contrast between expectation and reality
-situation irony
-verbal irony
-dramatic irony


a scene within a story that interrupts the sequence of events to relate events that occurred in the past


the authors use of clues to hint what might happen later in a story


a literary work is the time and place of the action


feeling created in the reader by a literary work or passage


a literary work that is the writers attitude toward his/her audience and subject


a conversation between characters


a person or animal that takes place in the action of a literary work


the act of creating or developing a character


the sequence of events


problem in the story


modifies verbs, adjectives or other adverbs
(most adverbs end in -ly, but not always

point of view

the way someone looks at something through their perspective


a way where an object represents an idea

compare and contrast

finding similarities and differences between 2 things

context clues

information from the reading that hints at a word's meaning.


all knowing- narrator knows characters feeling and thoughts

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