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  1. The process of attaching complement proteins to the bacterial cell wall to enhance phagocytosis is called ______.
  2. ________ is an autoimmune disease that severely impairs renal function.
  3. What would be the body's response if the hypothalamus detected pyrogens?
  4. Which of the following is characteristic of antibodies?
  5. T OR F: A transfusion reaction is a subacute hypersensitivity to foreign red blood cells.
  1. a opsonization
  2. b an increase in body temperature set point
  3. c TRUE
  4. d Glomerulonephritis
  5. e composed of heavy and light polypeptide chains

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  1. Macrophages
  2. Cytotoxic T cells
  3. plasma
  4. The diverse set of molecules and immune cells that are found in lymphoid tissue and fluids throughout the body.
  5. Reactivity with an antibody

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  1. When the white blood cell count is depressed, the classic signs of infection such as redness, heat, and swelling are not manifested. In this case, should the nurse avoid administering aspirin?composed of heavy and light polypeptide chains


  2. Cytotoxic T cells ________.are the only T cells that can directly attack and kill other cells


  3. Cancer cells and virus-infected body cells can be killed before activation of adaptive immunity byNatural Killer


  4. The redness and heat of an inflamed area are due to a local hyperemia caused by ________.vasodilation


  5. The basis of immunity is the presence of ___ cells.memory


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