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  1. The antibody molecule is held together by ________ bonds.
  2. Phagocyte mobilization involves ________.
  3. In clonal selection of B cells, which substance is responsible for determining which cells will eventually become cloned?
  4. T OR F: A given pathogen will provoke either a cell-mediated response or an antibody-mediated response but not both.
  5. What characteristic do all inflammatory chemicals share?
  1. a They are all vasodilators.
  2. b FALSE
  3. c disulfide
  4. d antigen
  5. e mainly neutrophil and macrophage migration into inflamed areas

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  1. A mild or moderate fever is an adaptive response that seems to benefit the body. Bacteria need large amounts of zinc and iron to multiply. During fever, the liver and spleen sequester iron and zinc that bacteria need to multiply.
  2. is the ability of individual cells to recognize a specific antigen by binding to it
  3. xenograft
  4. phagocytosis
  5. all nucleated cells

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  1. How is the cytotoxic T cell mechanism of action similar to that of complement?Cytotoxit T cells induce cell lysis with perforin, a protein similar to complement's MAC.


  2. Lymphocytes are educated within primary lymphoid organs. B cells are educated in the ____ while T cells are educated in the ____.bone marrow; thymus


  3. The primary immune response ________.are the only T cells that can directly attack and kill other cells


  4. T OR F: MHC I proteins (major histocompatibility class I proteins) are found on most cells of the body.antigen-presenting cells


  5. ________ cells can lyse and kill cancer cells and virus-infected body cells before the immune system is activated.T cytotoxic cells


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