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This is a small subset of the Vocabulary words. I recommend you master all of these subsets before going for the larger ones.


an acute and spreading infection of the skin and subcutaneous tissue




a scar


a lesion of acne vulgaris caused by an accumulation of sebum (open comedo = blackhead; closed comedo = whitehead)


an injury in which the skin is unbroken (a bruise is one example)


a bluish discoloration of the skin


a sac or cavity within the skin that contains fluid

decubitus ulcer (decub.)

an ulcer, sore, or inflammation of the skin that results from prolonged pressure on the skin (generally this occur over the bony parts of the body when a person lays in the same position for long periods of time; also known as bed sores or pressure ulcers or pressure sores)

dermatology (derm.)

the study of the skin



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