Mid-Century Modern + Furniture

Eichler Homes: glass walls, post & Beam construction, open floor plans, flat roofs, geometric
and clean lines, use of skylights
Describe it's features
What are some interior features of an Eichler Home?
tongue and groove in ceiling, concrete
floor slab, radiant floor heating, sliding doors , screens were used to divide the spaces
Knoll 650 Chair
Furniture had stretched webbing and wood that was readily available.
Hans Knoll
He was not a designer, but realized the need for modern furniture. Partnered with designer Jens Risom, and made a series of simple chairs and table.
Knoll Interior
Florence joined the company in 1943.
she helped select and furnish spaces with Knoll products.
Harry Bertoia - Diamond Chair
product and line of chairs were considered furniture as well as
George Nelson - Storage wall
Herman Miller picked up his idea of the Storage Wall, the brought him on as the design director due to his innovative ideas
George Nelson - Marshmallow sofa
He was a leading spokesman on how modernism movement was doing
Charles and Ray Eames - plywood chair
The design allowed the seat to flex as the user sat
Charles and Ray Eames - Lounge chair
Built for Billy Wilder.
This piece was much more of a custom piece. The first time the upholstery was attached to a chair with a zipper.
Charles and Ray Eames - Tandem Sling
Very easy to assemble, Armrest restricted users from laying down and taking multiple seats, and it expressed the technology of the time period.
Eames House
Case study house, John Entenza was a magazine editor who put up the money to do this program. The house was 15oo sqft, the studio was 1000. This house received an award in 1978, called the 25 year award the award was for pieces that remained timeless.
Eames House Interior
Combination of very tall spaces and smaller intimate spaces, the second floor was very tall, the lower level was smaller.
Eames House Exterior
Eames designed the house, then redesigned the house
Stucco, cement, asbestos, and plywood - they were painted in black, red, white, blue, and grey. They were also translucent, transparent, or wired, and the panels were prefabricated.
Arne Jacobsen - Cutlery
Danish design humanized and gave much more human feel to pieces , he paired modern design with architecture in Lieu of Arts and Crafts
Arne Jacobsen - Ant Chair
This chair put Denmark on the map for modern design. A three legged chair will always balance itself out, this is a benefit of the design- having three legs was innovative for a chair.
Arne Jacobsen - Egg Chair
It's mostly noted for its more organic form that contrasted the clean lines of modern architecture - it had the possibility to be a statement piece

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