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Career Planning Process

This quiz is for business dynamics one on the unit career planning process.
Dictionary of occupational titles
Occupational Outlook Handbook
5 Personal Characteristics that must be taken into account before making a career change
Lifestyle goals, Interests, Values, Aptitudes and Abilities, Personality
6 job related characteristics that need to be taken into account BEFORE making a career change
Education, Working Environment, $ Benefits, Duties and responsibilities, people, career outlook
Knack or God-given ability
A skill that has been DEVELOPED
2 career planning sources that may NOT help you
Media,because it creates an unrealistic view and parents putting pressure on you
Print sources that CAN help you make a career choice
Books, Magazines
Non-Print sources that CAN help you make a decision about your career choice
School counselors, Shadowing, Volunteering, Internships