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Adobe Photoshop CC Certification Vocabulary


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Derivative Work
a work that is derived from or based on one or more existing work
Intellectual Property
may include copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights, and trade secrets
provides protection to authors of original works of authorship, both published and unpublished works can be protected
Fair Use Doctrine
allows work to be reproduced or altered for a variety of reasons including news reporting, teaching, parody, and research
Mock Up or Comp
presented to the client for feedback of a final project
Project Plan Phase 1
Implementing and Publishing
Project Plan Phase 2
Planning and Analysis
Project Plan Phase 3
Project Plan Phase 4
Designing and Building
Project Plan Phase 5
Review and Evaluation
Two Characteristic of Vector Images
1. can be enlarged without loss of quality
2. created with mathematical calculations
Two Options that can Lessen Readability of Text
1. over alignment
2. using all lower case letters
appropriate color mode for sending a final project to a commercial printer
appropriate color mode for digital imaging.
a method used by Photoshop to re sample an image using existing pixel colors
increasing the size of an image, usually results in a loss of detail
measurement of an image on the screen, web, or video
decreasing the size of an image by changing the data of an image
Two Features of San Serif Font
1. typically used for emphasis, like for a heading
2. better on the web
Three Things to Rasterize
1. type
2. smart object
3. shape
Three Design Principles to be represented with an overlay when using the crop tool
1. rule of thirds
2. golden spiral
3. golden ratio
How to align a shape
1. select all of the layers
2. select the move tool/cursor
3. in the control bar select align
How to apply a cooling filter
1. select Layer
2. select New Adjustment Layer
3. select Photo Filter
4. in the pop up dialogue box select a cooling filter
Two advantages of Smart Objects
1. they allow you to apply filters non destructively
2. they create a reference to an image, allowing it to be switches later without having to recreate the final work
How to save for the following document so that the slices are saved as separate images using the PNG-24 format?
1. select File - Save for Web
2. select PNG-24
Purpose of flattening in image in photoshop
flattened images are smaller
The reason a designer may want to change the CMYK working space in the color settings dialog box
to use the same color space that the printer use when editing an image
Program that allows images to be used across multiple Adobe programs
Adobe bridge
How to display the ruler then change the unit of measure of the ruler to pixels?
1. Select view - rulers
2. Right mouse click anywhere on the ruler and get a pop up box
3. Click pixels
Program that allows a designer to create a photo gallery
Adobe Bridge
Two formats that are best suited for high quality images on a webpage
What would do first in order to present initial ideas to a client for their approval and feedback?
present sketches
Two ways background images affect text
readability and alignment
What is NOT a benefit of producing reusable images?
improved quality when used for print and web
What two option represent Auto Color Correction tools available in Adobe Photoshop?
auto tone and auto color
What option allows user to saturate pixels?
sponge tool
What two options are considered best practices when using the Pen tool to create curves and angles?
1. place anchors at every acute or abrupt angle
2. mud curve anchors should be placed to comfortable accommodate curve transitions
What filter would a user choose to create image results that are more realistic because the edits are properly oriented and scaled to the perspective planes?
vanishing point filter
What color mode is the most effective to use for final output when a project will be printed on an offset press?
What two options describe the design practice of framing?
1. the technique of placing the subject of an image in such a way that the viewer's attention is focused in that area
2. the process of changing the contrast, brightness, and cropping of an image to highlight the subject
What file formats are best suited for high quality images that will be displayed on a webpage?