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OdysseyWare Earth Science Unit:3 Dynamic Structure of Earth


the layer immediately surrounding the lower mantle; composed of molten rock


innermost layer of the earth; divided into an inner and outer core


the outermost layer that forms the surface of the earth; upper part of the lithosphere


all of the layers of Earth's interior and crust

inner core

innermost region of the earth; composed of solid iron


the cool, rigid shell that includes the crust and uppermost mantle; composed of plates that move around on the underlying, plastic asthenosphere

lower mantle

innermost layer of the two mantle layers; composed of rock and cooler than the core


middle layer of the earth; composed of an upper and lower mantle

outer core

layer immediately outside the inner core; composed of liquid iron and sulfur


ability of a solid to flow

upper mantle

outermost layer of the two mantle layers; includes the asthenosphere and lower lithosphere; composed of solid rock, most of which flows due to convection currents within the mantle

The hottest layer of the earth is the _____.

inner core

Carl is on an expedition to the bottom of the ocean. As the submersible sets down on the ocean floor, it is resting on what layer of the earth?


The ability of solid rock to flow is called


The layer of the earth that is composed of rock, yet flows due to extreme heat and pressure, is known as the _____.


An area where the earth's crust would be expected to be thin would be _____.

under the Pacific Ocean

The layer of the earth that is composed of large plates that interlock and move over time is the _______.


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