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OdysseyWare Earth Science Unit:3 Dynamic Structure of Earth


the outer layer of the mantle; made up of plastic or semi-molten rock

continental crust

the part of Earth's crust that forms landmasses


process of heat transfer by the circulation or movement of a gas, liquid, or plastic material


Earth's crust and rigid portion of uppermost mantle

oceanic crust

the part of Earth's crust located beneath the oceans and seas

plate tectonics

the theory that the lithosphere is broken into pieces that float on the asthenosphere

The person who suggested that the continents were once a supercontinent, called Pangaea, but slowly drifted apart was .

Alfred Wegener

The plate tectonic theory can best be described as _____.

earth's natural process by which its lithospheric plates slowly move about because of movement in the asthenosphere

The layer of the earth that forms the earth's plates is the _____.


The layer of the earth where mantle convection occurs and on which the earth's crust rests is the _____.


The process of heat transfer thought to be responsible for the movement of the lithospheric plates on the surface of the earth is .


Mantle convection is a circulation of the heat emitted by the earth's _____.


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