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OdysseyWare Earth Science Unit:3 Dynamic Structure of Earth

convergent boundary

area where tectonic plates meet and push against each other

divergent boundary

area where tectonic plates are moving away from each other

fault line

area along plate boundaries and ridges where the crust of the lithosphere is fractured

subduction zone

area where an oceanic plate sinks into the asthenosphere under another plate

transform boundary

area where tectonic plates slide sideways past each other

The type of tectonic plate boundary that occurs when two plates are colliding into each other is known as a .

convergent boundary

A transform boundary occurs where two tectonic plates _____.

grind along each other

When two oceanic plates collide, it creates a _____.

subduction zone

The Mid-Atlantic Ocean Ridge is an example of a _____.

divergent boundary

The area where one plate sinks into the asthenosphere underneath another plate is known as .

a subduction zone

Which of the following convergent boundaries would most likely create a non-volcanic mountain range?


The type of plate boundary that causes tremors and earthquakes in California is .

a transform boundary

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