Great Wall-Related Words - Detailed List with Pinyin and English

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Wàn Lǐ Cháng Chéng
Great Wall of China (literally, "long wall of ten thousand li"), actually not one wall but a series of fortifications extending across northern China built during various dynasties as a defense against invaders, among other purposes; usually referred to simply as Cháng Chéng
Jūyōng Guān
Juyongguan or Juyong Pass, a mountain pass northwest of Beijing through which the Wall passes
Yún Tái
Cloud Platform, a gate at Juyongguan constructed of white marble and decorated with Buddhist carvings of figures, symbols, and texts
Badaling, the most-visited section of the Wall; further northwest of Beijing from Juyongguan
Shānhǎi Guān
Shanhaiguan or Shanhai Pass, the eastern endpoint of the Wall in Hebei Province; shanhai means "Mountain and Sea"
Héběi Shěng
Hebei Province
Luóbù Pō
Lop Nur or Lop Lake, the historical western endpoint of the Wall in Xinjiang Province
Xīnjiāng Shěng
Xinjiang Province
Jiāyù Guān
Jiayuguan or Jiayu Pass, location of the westernmost extant section of the Wall in Gansu Province; jiayu means "excellent valley"
Gānsù Shěng
Gansu Province
Chūn-Qiū Shídài
Spring and Autumn Period (776-471 BCE or 776-403 BCE), the historical period during which the earliest sections of the Wall were built
Míng Cháo
Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644 CE
Sīchóu Zhī Lù
Silk Road, ancient trade route protected by some stretches of the Wall in western China
Xiongnu, nomadic people traditionally identified with the Huns whose military conflicts with China during the Qin Dynasty led to the building of long stretches of the Wall
Qín Cháo
Qin Dynasty, 221-207 BCE