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Tissue Locations, Components, and Functions

location of simple squamous epithelia
facilitates diffusion of oxygen and carbon dioxide
function of simple squamous epithelia
location of simple cuboidal epithelia
secretion of products made by simple cuboidal epithelial cells
function of simple cuboidal epithelia
lining of stomach and intestines
location of simple columnar epithelia
secretion of digestive juices and mucus
function of simple columnar epithelia
lining of trachea
location of pseudostratified columnar epithelia
secretion and movement of mucus toward pharynx
function of pseudostratified columnar epithelia
surface of skin
location of stratified squamous epithelia
provides a protective barrier (keeps water in and keeps pathogens out)
function of stratified squamous epithelia
lining of urinary bladder
location of transitional epithelia
provides a protective barrier that allows for expansion (stretches)
function of transitional epithelia
deep to the dermis layer of the skin
location of areolar connective tissue
provide epithelial layer with nutrients, waste removal, and leukocytes
function of areolar connective tissue
liver, spleen, and lymph nodes
location of reticular connective tissue
forms support (framework) for these soft organs
function of reticular connective tissue
under the skin
location of adipose tissue
stores energy, cushions internal organs, and insulates the body
function of adipose tissue
ligaments and tendons
location of dense regular connective tissue
resists pulling forces at attachment points
function of dense regular connective tissue
location of dense irregular connective tissue
resists pulling forces on skin
function of dense irregular connective tissue
location of elastic connective tissue
allows respiratory organs to recoil after inhalation
function of elastic connective tissue
trachea and bronchi
location of hyaline cartilage
support and flexibility to ensure an open airway
function of hyaline cartilage
external ear
location of elastic cartilage
supports and maintains shape of external ear
function of elastic cartilage
intervertebral discs
location of fibrocartilage
strengthens discs that form joints between vertebrae and acts as a shock absorber
function of fibrocartilage
exterior of bones
location of compact bone
support, protection and storage of minerals
function of compact bone
interior of bones
location of spongy bone
support, protection and storage of minerals
function of spongy bone
throughout the body in arteries, veins, and capillaries
location of blood
transports blood gases, wastes, nutrients, platelets, blood cells and chemical messengers
function of blood
attached to bones and skin
location of skeletal muscle
movement of bones and skin, and generating heat
function of skeletal muscle
wall of heart
location of cardiac muscle
moves blood through the cardiovascular system
function of cardiac muscle
walls of digestive organs
location of smooth muscle
moves food through the digestive tract
function of smooth muscle
brain, spinal cord and nerves
location of nervous tissue
send/receive information, maintain homeostasis, control muscles/glands
function of nervous tissue