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El Presente Perfecto - Fixed version

Test your knowledge of this tense! It is NOT necessary to include SUBJECT pronouns; you may need to include a reflexive pronoun if the verb is reflexive.
I have learned
he aprendido
they have spoken
han hablado
we have eaten
hemos comido
you have looked
has mirado
Y'all (Spain) have seen
habéis visto
You have cooked
has cocinado
Y'all have received
Uds. han recibido
we have written
hemos escrito
he has slept
él ha dormido
you have fallen
te has caído
I have read
he leído
Y'all (Spain) have brought
habéis traído
they have said
han dicho
I have gotten dressed
me he vestido
we have brushed
nos hemos cepillado
I have fallen
me he caído
they have gone
han ido
we have walked
hemos caminado
she has woken up
ella se ha despertado
you have put
has puesto
they have returned
han vuelto
I have covered
he cubierto
we have opened
hemos abierto