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carbohydrate subunit


protein subunit

amino acids held together by peptide bonds

lipid subunit

glycerol with fatty acid

nucleic acid subunit


carbohydrate examples

sugars, starches, glycogen

protein examples

enzymes, hemoglobin, keratin

nucleic acid examples


lipid examples

fats, oils, and waxes


a polysaccharide that stores glucose in plants


a polysaccharide that stores glucose in animals

function of carbohydrates

energy source, stucture

function of proteins

3rd source of energy, helps builds and repairs muscle tissue, makes hormones, enzymes, antibodies, and pigments

function of nucleic acids

code for proteins and genetic material

function of lipids

long term energy storage, reserved energy, cell membrane


glucose + fructose

what names of sugars end with


what names of enzymes end with


saturated fats

"bad" fats - artery clogging

unsaturated fats

"good" fats


protein that speed up chemical reaction


complex carbohydrate that makes up the cell walls of fungi; also found in the external skeletons of arthropods


A polysaccharide that provides structural suppost for plants.


made in living systems from smaller building blocks covalently bonded; four classes: proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, and lipids


any of a class of carbohydrates whose molecules contain chains of monosaccharide molecules


single sugar molecule


a sugar formed from two monosaccharides


type of macromolecule that makes up the cell membrane

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