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  1. glycogen
  2. carbohydrate examples
  3. disaccharide
  4. protein examples
  5. carbohydrate subunit
  1. a enzymes, hemoglobin, keratin
  2. b a sugar formed from two monosaccharides
  3. c a polysaccharide that stores glucose in animals
  4. d 1C:2H:1O
  5. e sugars, starches, glycogen

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  1. protein that speed up chemical reaction
  2. nucleotides
  3. fats, oils, and waxes
  4. a polysaccharide that stores glucose in plants
  5. type of macromolecule that makes up the cell membrane

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  1. what names of enzymes end with-ose


  2. lipid subunitamino acids held together by peptide bonds


  3. nucleic acid examplesfats, oils, and waxes


  4. chitincomplex carbohydrate that makes up the cell walls of fungi; also found in the external skeletons of arthropods


  5. what names of sugars end with-ose