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Music App

Music App
What is form?
Organization of music in time
What determines the pitch of a sound?
The highness or lowness of a sound
The saxophone is a member of which musical instrument family?
What is meter?
The basic framework of rhythm
During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, what did composers use when they wanted to write a work that conveyed an upbeat, happy message?
Major Mode/Major Scale
What is texture the greatest source of?
Contrast and variety
What do voices and most orchestra instruments have in common?
can only sing or play one pitch at a time
What does form organize the musical elements in?
What do Handel's Messiah, Mozart's Don Giovanni and Beethoven's Fifth Symphony have in common?
True classics
What was the challenge for madrigal composer?
integrate words and music - to have the music enhance the message of the words
What was Purcell position at Westminster Abby?
the organist at Westminster Abbey and the Chapel Royal
What happened with opera during the middle of the seventeenth century?
opera became a business
Describe Jesuit missionaries roles in music
explored the Great Lakes Regions during the seventeenth Century
Describe the musical setting of "Barbara Allen".
emotionally divorced from the lyric,conveying no sense of the tragedies told in the stanzas
What was the composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, financial status at the time of his death?
died penniless in part because he spent his money as fast as it came in
What is a suite?
a collection of dances linked by key and sometimes melodic material
Where did J.S. Bach spend most of his life working
as a music minister for Lutheran churches
What was a major difference between the music of Bach and Vivaldi?
Bach was more expansive
How long did it take Handel completed the entire oratorio Messiah ?
three weeks
What was the tune for "Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser" written by Franz Joseph Haydn used for?
later became the Protestant hymn, "Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken" and also the national anthems of Austria and Germany
Who were two of Billing's friends?
Paul Revere and Samuel Adams
By 1750, what instrument had the piano had almost completely supplanted as the keyboard instrument of choice?
What main feature distinguishes the piano from the harpsichord?
The ability to control dynamic level through touch
Like the string quartet, the symphony had how many movements?
At the turn of the century, who led one of the most popular concert bands?
John Philip Sousa
What did the revolutionary qualities in Beethoven's music show?
set it apart from the music of other composers.
What is different about the opening of Beethoven's Fifth-Symphony?
motive, melody
In "Old Folks at Home," what new song style did Foster create?
the plantation song
What was the name of the former slave ship captain who wrote "Amazing Grace"?
John Newton
How did Robert Schumann's playing career end?
he injured two fingers on his right hand
Who was one of the first important composers to produce a large quantity of dance music for piano?
Franz Shudert
What was the range of styles Tchaikovsky composed music in?
Symphony, opera, ballet, instrumental, chamber and song
Who did the "Empress of the Blues," Bessie Smith, become the darling of?
Became the "darling" of New York sophisticates during the 1920s
Who did most of Stravinsky's training in composition came
Nikplai Rimsky-Korsakov
From the 1890's through the 1920's, what was one of the most popular concert bands in the United States?
Sousa's New Marine Band
Describe the concert setting of African-American spiritual.
His aim was to provide a classical style setting for melodies without suppressing their distinctly African American quality.
What university did Charles Ives attend
After being turned away from signing at Constitution Hall, where did Marian Anderson sing before a crowd of 75,000 people ?
Lincoln Memorial
How did George Gershwin begin his musical career?
As a song plunger someone who played music for prospective buyers
What style of music is swing an essence part of?
In the 1920s and 1930s what happened as soon as a song from a musical became a hit?
numerous artists would record it
Where Anton Webern obtained a well-rounded musical education?
University of Vienna
Why did Nadia Boulanger not accept George Gershwin as a student?
she felt he had already found his compositional voice
What did Cliburn's victory in the piano division of the first International Tchaikovsky Competition came at the height of?
Cold War
Who did Cage had studied with during the mid-1930's mostly in classes, but also privately on a few occasions?
What is the title of the Gershwin's opera that is a mix of classical and popular music?
Porgy and Bess
In West Side Story, what did the two families represent?
street gangs, the Sharks and the Jets
What is the defining feature of rock?
insistent rhythm that moves twice as fast as the beat
What was the most far-reaching Latin/American fusion?
What is the role of music in film involves viewing the film and determining or "spotting"?
those scenes where music will enhance the onscreen events