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Who proposed the Atlantic Charter?

President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill

What is a Charter?

Like a constitution; a list of rules for a country; like a contract

What did the Atlantic Charter consist of?

How President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill thought the world should be like after WWII

What were President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill trying to do by creating the Atlantic Charter?

Establish rules that countries would follow to prevent another war from happening

Rule 1 of Atlantic Charter

Respect Sovereignty of Nations

What does rule 1 mean?

Respect Sovereignty of Nations means that all countries should be treated equally regardless their size or amount of power.

Rule 2 of Atlantic Charter

No territorial aggrandizement when the war is over

What does rule 2 mean?

Countries should not try to take over other countries to expand their land

Rule 3 of Atlantic Charter

All countries should have the right to trade equally with each other

Rule 4 of Atlantic Charter

All countries should take part in disarmament

Rule 5 of Atlantic Charter

There should be freedom of the seas at all times

What does rule 5 mean?

Countries should not claim an ocean and forbid other countries from sailing in that ocean

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