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Examples of Internal Conflicts & External Conflicts

Mom decided to make lasagna instead of meat loaf for dinner last night.

Internal Conflict (Man vs. Self)

Matt believed that his friends were mean when they picked on the new student on her first day in their school. He chose to walk away.

Internal Conflict (Man vs. Self)

The hurricane reached land and knocked out several houses in its path.

External Conflict (Man vs. Nature)

The man on the bus was yelling at the bus driver for not getting him to his destination on time.

External Conflict (Man vs. Man)

Maddie chose the red dress over the black one for the prom.

Internal Conflict (Man vs. Self)

Even though her friends tried to peer pressure her into leaving, Allison chose to stay and help the teacher clean up the mess.

External Conflict (Man vs. Society - Peer pressure)
Internal Conflict (Man vs. Self - the decision to stay)

As a boy, my grandpa had cancer, but he somehow survived.

External Conflict (Man vs. Fate)

Count Dracula was known to sneak out at night and gather up his victims.

External Conflict (Man vs. Supernatural)

Should I stay, or should I leave the party?

Internal Conflict (Man vs. Self)

The movie had an avalanche that the characters survived.

External Conflict (Man vs. Nature)

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