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Musculoskeletal System

The codes for wound exploration can be reported for exploration of any type of wound.


You cannot report codes for open wound exploration (20100-20103) if the wound is sufficient in size to accomplish the repair and the wound does not need to be enlarged.


Using codes from the wound exploration category requires the coder to assess the extent of the procedure.


A needle biopsy is a way of obtaining a piece of tissue out of the body, using a tiny incision, so the tissue can be examined under a microscope by a pathologist. Because this boipsy is per formed through the skin, it is called a percutaneous biopsy.


Codes for arthrodesis include the bone graft and instrumentation, and these cannot be coded seperately.


22585 is an add-on code


which term describes a reduction?


which treatment of a fracture requires the fracture to be exposed to view?


which of the following terms describs traction by use of strapping, elastic wraps, or tape?


Wound exploration codes have the following services bundled into the codes

exploration, including enlargement, debridement, removal of foreign body(ies), minor vessel ligation, repairs

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