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The Basics Chp. 1 CNA exam practice

questions covering chap. 1 in Hartman's The Basics
What healthcare setting is for people who will die in six months or less?
Long-term care
serves patients with conditions that are chronic
A resident has purchased a special gift for her nursing assistant, Sarah. How should Sarah respond?
refuse but thank her for thinking of her
A ________ is a method or way of doing something.
Medicare is
a health insurance program for people who are 65 or older or younger people who are disabled and ill
Which member of the care team diagnoses disease and prescribes treatment?
physician (MD)
What care team members are licensed professionals who delegate jobs to nursing assistants?
nurses, PTs, OTs
The role of residents on the care team is
for the care team to revolve around the resident and his or her condition, treatment, and progress
If an activity is not listed on the care plan, it is the nursing assistant's responsibility to
not perform the activity if it is not listed on the care plan
What is one reason why reporting a resident's changes and problems to the nurse is a very important role of the nursing assistant?
the care plan must be updated as the resident's condition changes
What is a typical task that an NA performs?
helping residents with toileting needs
What is a tasks that is outside the scope of practice for an NA?
giving an injection of medication
A professional relationship between an NS and a resident includes:
keeping resident information confidential
What is an example of a professional relationship with an employer?
documenting carefully
What does the chain of command do?
it helps portect nursing assistants and their employers from liability
What should a nursing assistant do if she suspects a resident is being abused?
she should report it to the nurse immediately and him/her handle it from there.
When a nursing assistant is perfomring a procedure on a resident, he should
explain the procedure fully before performing it
One requirement of OBRA is
nursing assistants must have at least 75 hours of training
For a nursing assistant, confidentiality means:
keeping private things private
Why was HIPAA created?
to keep health information private and secure
You are a nursing assistant for a resident who is paralyzed on her right side from a recent stroke. Some of her family members are visiting and one of them turns to you and says, "She looks so stupid with half of her face drooping down like that." What kid of abuse is this?
psychological abuse
If you make a mistake in documenting care, you should
draw one line through it, and write the correct word(s)
A resident's protected health information (PHI) may be shared with
only those who need the information for care or processing of records
Shoving a resident is an example of
physical abuse
What is the term for the person assigned by law to be the legal advocate for residents?
What is the correct conversion of 9:00pm military time?
2100 hours