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Social Studies: Revolutionary War CCDS 5 copen

Bunker Hill or Breed Hill
Battle on hills over looking Boston; though the British won, the American's confidence grew
General Gage
British general in early part of war; won Bunker Hill
George Washington
first commander of American militia
King George III's opinion of the colonists who rebelled against England
Thomas Paine
Author of Common Sense, a phamplet encouraging the colonists to break away from England
a government where the power to govern comes from the people not a king
Thomas Jefferson
Virginia lawyer who is credited with writing the Declaration of Independence
colonists who remained loyal to the king
1,000's of hired soldiers who were from other countries but who fought for Great Britian
Deborah Sampson
woman who dressed up as a man to join the continental army
Molly Pitcher
Mary Ludwig Hays, a patroit women who tended to the men in battle
German mercenaries who fought against the Americans at Trenton, NJ after being attacked at daybreak
Battle at Saratoga
General Howe last turningpoint battle, convincing others to support the continental army
Valley Forge
Worst time of the war for the Americans; Washington's men were camped during a terrible winter here without supplies, food and medicine
Marguis de Lafayette
a frenchman who became one of Washington's most trusted aides
1rst European ally to America
George Rodgers Clark
led 200 troops to suprise British and claim the land west of the Appalachins for America
Guerilla warfare
a southern way of battle, developed by Francis Marion in the swampy backyards of SC (hit and run battle)
private ships that were armes for battle to potentially damage Bristish warships
John Paul Jones
commander of the American ship, The Bonhomme Richard, who refused to lose to the larger British ship Seraphis
the losing in the greatest American naval battle of all time
General Cornwallis
British general who was trapped by the Continental Army at Yorktown, VA
General Greene
victorious American general at close of war
colonist who were ready to fight 'on a minute's notice