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a database object that is used to add data into or edit data in a table

Form tool

used to create data entry forms for customers, employees, products, and other primary tables

Record source

the table or query that supplies the records for a form or report

Stacked layout form

displays fields in a vertical column, and displays one record at a time

Tavular layout form

displays records horizontally, with lable controls across the top and the data values in rows under the labels

Layout view

used to modify the design of a form

Split form

combines two views of the same record source - one section is displayed in a stacked layout and the other section is displayed in a tabular layout

Splitter bar

divides the form into two halves

Multiple Items form

displays records in a tavular layout similar to a table's Datasheet view

Datasheet form

a replica of a table or query's Datasheet view except that it still retains some of the form properties

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

Microsoft's programming language that is built into all of the Office products

Layout control

provides guides to help keep controls aligned horizontally and verically. and give your form a uniform appearance

Office Theme

a defined set of colors, fonts, and graphics that can be applied to a form

Form Header section

diaplays at the top of each form

Detail section

displays the records in the form's record source

Form Footer section

displays at the bottom of the form

Form View

add, edit, and delete data in a form. The layout and design of the form cannot be changed in this view

Design view

perform advanced changes to a form's design

Text box control

displays the data found in a form's record source

Label control

a literal word or a phrase to describe the data

Bound control

a text box that is connected to a field in a table or query

Unbound control

a lable or other decorative design element, and is not connected to a source of data

Calculated control

contains an expression that generates a calculated result when displayed in Form view


a printed document that displays information from a database in a format that provides meaningful information to its readers

Report tool

used to instantly create a tabular report based on the table or query currently selected

Tabular layout report

displays data horizontally across the page in a landscape view

Stacked layout report

displays fields in a vertical column

Report Wizard

asks you questions and then uses your answers to generate a report

Lable Wizard

enables you to easily create mailing labels, name tags, and other specialized tags

Mailing lable

a specialized report that comes preformatted to coordinate with the name brand lables, such as Avery

Report Header section

prints once at the beginning of each report

Page Header section

appears once at the top of each page

Page Footer section

appears once at the bottom of each page

Report Footer section

prints once at the bottom of the report

Group Header section

when activated, will appear just above the Detail section in Design view, with the name of the field you are grouping

Group Footer section

when activated, will appeat just below the Detail section in Design view, but only when you select this option in the Group, Sort, and Total pane

Print Preview

enables you to see exactly what the report will lood like when it is printed

Report view

enables you to see what the printed report will lood like in a continuous page layout

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