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The color of the sun

rock and roll

no problem

against all odds

What happened here?

Answer my questions.

early in the morning

Learn your numerals.

I knew that dog.

During the war

down on the farm

I heard the music.

The dogs become quiet

Sing your song.

The problem was easy.

north and south

Walk slowly.

My friends knew.

I'll draw a picture.

several friends

birds and fish

The ship hit the waves.

the big red dog

stand in the room

a short vowel sound

Listen to your friends.

Ever since I knew you

tried and true

The birds sing.

the red door

I noticed the fire.

a hundred dogs

Are you sure?

farm and field

I'll remember you.

across the town

the king's voice

Today was better.

the horses compete

travel slowly

a fast ship

Easy does it.

I'm low on money.

a hundred black birds

Didn't I tell you?

The king was seen.

some travel money

the best body

twenty-four hours a day

the whole thing

I feel better.

The horse pulled hard.

We heard the king sing.

the whole piece

We covered the ground.

across the town

I told you.

Step carefully

Sing to the music.

I reached the top.

Hold fast.

the best products

It happened today.

It passed quickly.

south of town

Listen to the wind.

once upon a town

Mark your paper.

The wood was on fire.

however you like it

a map of our town

He covered himself.

We need more space.

several black tables

cold and hungry

Measure the area.

Plan you day.

toward morning

I am certain.

black and blue

go figure

usually I am right

Don't fall down.

five hundred products

Follow the pattern.

remember my order

We cried for hours.

fish and chips

a big unit


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