45 terms

Fry's Fluency Phrases Set #4

The color of the sun
rock and roll
no problem
against all odds
What happened here?
Answer my questions.
early in the morning
Learn your numerals.
I knew that dog.
During the war
down on the farm
I heard the music.
The dogs become quiet
Sing your song.
The problem was easy.
north and south
Walk slowly.
My friends knew.
I'll draw a picture.
several friends
birds and fish
The ship hit the waves.
the big red dog
stand in the room
a short vowel sound
Listen to your friends.
Ever since I knew you
tried and true
The birds sing.
the red door
I noticed the fire.
a hundred dogs
Are you sure?
farm and field
I'll remember you.
across the town
the king's voice
Today was better.
the horses compete
travel slowly
a fast ship
Easy does it.
I'm low on money.
a hundred black birds
Didn't I tell you?
The king was seen.
some travel money
the best body
twenty-four hours a day
the whole thing
I feel better.
The horse pulled hard.
We heard the king sing.
the whole piece
We covered the ground.
across the town
I told you.
Step carefully
Sing to the music.
I reached the top.
Hold fast.
the best products
It happened today.
It passed quickly.
south of town
Listen to the wind.
once upon a town
Mark your paper.
The wood was on fire.
however you like it
a map of our town
He covered himself.
We need more space.
several black tables
cold and hungry
Measure the area.
Plan you day.
toward morning
I am certain.
black and blue
go figure
usually I am right
Don't fall down.
five hundred products
Follow the pattern.
remember my order
We cried for hours.
fish and chips
a big unit