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Review of the Peach Pit Book Tips and Questions for Pro App Certification

What are the 4 areas of Final Cut X?

Event Browser, Viewer, Timeline & Toolbar

Select Tool


Trim Tool




Range Selection


How do you customize the keyboard layout?


How do you display the names of the clip?

View>Show Clip Names or Shift-Option-N

Skimming on/off


Audio Skimming on/off


Where do you find skimming on/off

View Menu

What does the blue mean on tools?

A tool or action is active

Play Forward

Space or L

Play Backward

Shift-Space or J


Space or K

Play from beginning


How do you know if you are at the beginning of the clip when in clip viewer?

The filmstrip sprocket holes on the left of the clip

How do you skim frame by frame?

L/R Arrow keys

How can you go to beginning or end of the clip?

Fn-Arrow, Home (beginning), End (End)

How do you fast forward/Rewind through a clip using keyboard?

Up/Down Arrow Keys

Describe 3 ways to open FCP

Click on icon in Dock or from Launchpad. Double-click on icon in Application Folder

Which 4 modifier keys are used in conjunction with kb shortcuts to initiate functions or commands?

Shift, Control, Option, Command

How do you access a shortcut menu?

Right/Secondary Click (Control-click or 2-fingers click)

What is an event?

A collection of clips, audio or pictures. Similar to a folder. When you import into FCP, the source media files are stored in events

How do you skim through a clip in the Event Browser?

Roll mouse over clip

How do you set the Event Browser display so that a single thumbnail represents each clip?

Set duration slider to All

What indicator in the Viewer window indicates the playhead is on the first or last frame of an edited clip in the Timeline?

L in lower left for beginning and reverse L in lower right for end

In the Event Browser, how do you toggle a clip's audio waveforms on or off?

Use the switch button (Clip Appearance button) and select/deselect option to view waveforms

What kb shortcuts are used to hide and quit FCP

Command-Q to quit & Command-H to hide



Show/Hide Project Library


Open Effects Browser


Show Hide Clip Names


Move Playhead one frame to left

K tap J

Move Playhead one frame to right

K tap L

Open selected project into Timeline


Move playhead forward/backward 10 frames

Shift-R/L arrow

Delete an event

Command-delete or Secondary Click and select move to trash

Create an event on an external HD

select HD and then create event

How do you create a new event?

Option-N or if you don't see the event library, click the event library button at the lower left corner of event browser and choose File>New Event.

How do import media files into an event?

Highlight event and then file>import, use import button, secondary click, or kb shortcut

What happens if you select the Find People option when importing media?

A folder is created with different shots (one person, two person, group, etc).

If you select "Analyze for Balance Color" when importing, how do you view the color balance correction?

Under the viewer click the inspector and activate the color balance box.

How would you automatically identify a clip that displays excessive shaking from a handheld camera?

Select "Analyze for Stabilization and rolling shutter" option upon import. FCP will perform an analysis and add a keyword.

What are the advantages to transcoding your media files?

FCP transcoding optimizes media for better editing and rendering performance and improved colored quality. The transcode process copies your original media files using the Apple ProRes digital intermediate codecs while retaining the original media files.

How do you set importing options if you want to drag media files directly from Finder or another application to an Event?

Go to Preferences Menu (or Command-,) and set preferences for importing.

How do you create a Keyword Collection when importing clips from a specific folder?

Check the box for keyword collections upon importing.

What are the 4 ways to access the Import from Camera window?

Camera Icon, Create a new event and click import from Camera button, File>import from camera, Command-I

Why would you want to create a camera archive as a backup?

To save your set of videos from the camera to an external drive and free up space without deleting.

Import Files Window


Background Tasks Window




Where are Final Cut Projects located on your hard disk?

Movies folder (although not wise to rearrange in this folder, but to do it from FCP).

Play from beginning of clip.

Shift-I. Then spacebar



Play selection


Go to previous item (event browser) or previous edit (in timeline)

Up Arrow

Show Favorites

Ctrl-F or Show Favorites from Filters Pop-Up menu

Append Clip to Timeline


Timeline Index Button


What methods can you use to create a new project?

+ button in project viewer, File-New Project, Command-N, Ctrl-Click a folder or drive and choose new project from shortcut menu.

What 4 methods allow you to edit clips in your project?

Choose an edit option from the toolbar or shortcut, drag a clip from event browser, from a media browser or from finder.

What is an append edit?

Attaches clip magnetically to the end of the project.

How can you zoom in or out of an area on the timeline?

Command - (zoom in) or Command = (zoom out) or using zoom slider in the lower right of timeline.

How do you change the display size of the clips in the timeline?

Use Clip Appearance pop-up menu and drag the slider.

How can you view a list of the all the clips in a project?

Timeline Index Button or Command-Shift-2

How can you quickly adjust a clip's volume in the timeline?

Use the volume slider in the audio portion of a clip when audio waveforms are viewed. Approaching peak is yellow and over peak is red.

How can you mute specific audio tracks for a clip in the timeline?

Select clip, click inspector, and under channels deselect the channels to mute.

Why would you want to select the Duplicate Project and Referenced Events option when duplicating a project?

Duplicate project to track edits and reference events to move to another hard disk

How can you toggle snapping on or off?

Click the snapping on/off button or N

When you drag clips to rearrange their positions in the timeline, what visual indicator shows where the clip will be positioned when you release the mouse button?

A blue bar.

How would connect music or B-roll to the primary storyline in your timeline?

Position playhead in timeline where the insert is to happen and use the Connect button or Q

Go to next item (event browser) or next edit (in timeline)

down arrow

How do you add a marker to a clip?

Turn on Snapping, position playhead and hit M. Type in the name in the field by double clicking on marker or choose Mark>markers>add marker. Option M creates the marker and opens the marker naming field in one step.

How do you move to a specific marker in the timeline?

In the timeline index window, click tags and then click markers button at the bottom. Click a marker in the list to go to that marker.

How do you disable the audio and/or video for a specific clip?

Ctrl-Click audio (shortcut menu) and choose disable audio, press V, or choose Clip>disable

How do you move the connection line for a clip that is connected to the primary storyline without moving the clip?

Move the playhead to the desired location and hit Command-Option-Click

How do you create a to-do marker in the timeline?

Turn on snapping, position playhead, hit Option M and choose make to-do item.

How do you replace a project clip with a different source clip?

Drag a source clip over the current one and choose replace

How does an overwrite edit differ from a replace edit?

Overwrite edits do not change the project duration but edit for a specific amount of time. Replace edits may change the project duration based on the size of the clip.

How do you create an audition timeline?

Drag a clip over the primary clip and choose create audition. A spotlight icon appears to indicate that a clip is part of an audition. Also Command-Y

How do you create a new storyline that is connected to your primary storyline?

Select Clips and choose Command G, from the shortcut menu choose create storyline.

Preview audition clips


Finalize audition


Lift an item from timeline and leave a gap


Next marker


Previous marker


Delete Marker


How do you remove a single clip from the timeline without leaving a gap?

Select clip and use delete key or edit>delete

How do you inset a gap clip into the timeline to act as a placeholder?

Place the playhead where you want to insert the gap Command-Option-W or edit>insert generator>placeholder. Use Option-W for just a gap.

How do you choose the range selection tool to select a range in the timeline?

R or from tools menu choose tool.

What happens when you ripple trim the outgoing clip by dragging to the right?

Rippling is editing without leaving a gap. The time increases in the project indicated by a + sign

Which 2 sets of shortcut keys allow you to adjust edit points one frame and 10 frames at a time.

. & , keys nudge (1 frame) and Shift . & , (10 frames)

Which 2 edit points does a roll trim adjust?

The beginning of the next clip and the end of the previous clip without changing duration of project.

What happens when you slip a clip?

Adjusts the start and end of a single clip without changing duration of the project.

Which clips are altered when you slide a clip, and how are they affected?

Sliding affects the position of the middle clip, and the durations of the 2 surrounding clips. When you slide a clip, you don't change its length or the selection of original content. You change only it's location in the project.

How do you open the precision editor to see an expanded view of the clips on either side of the edit point as well as the clip handles?

Double click on the edit point when you have the trim selection tool selected. Select edit point and press Ctrl-E

How do you view the detailed trimming feedback?

Final Cut Pro> Prefs or Command-, and click editing and choose "show detailed trimming feedback." The display appears in the viewer when you use a supported edit type or trim in the precision editor.

What is the default transition time?

1 second

What is the default transition?

Cross Dissolve

Name 3 ways to apply a cross dissolve transition?

Select edit point and Command T, Drag transition from transitions browser, choose Edit-Add Cross Dissolve, or double click the transition in transition browser.

If you want to apply the same transition to all clips in your project, what must you do first?

Select all clips in the Timeline

If you want to add a transition without changing the duration of your project, what must you do first?

Final Cut Pro-Prefs. Editing button and select Apply Transitions Using pop-up menu to Available Media. Full Overlap will shorten the project by the length of the transition.

How can you adjust the duration of a transition in the Timeline?

Drag edge of transition, for more control Control-click the transition icon and select Change Duration.

How can you delete all transitions of the same type?

Open Timeline Index. In search field, enter the name of the transition type you want to delete. Select the listed transitions and delete.

How do you change a parameter in the Transition Inspector?

Select transition and click on the Inspector (or Command-4). Click on the controls and change them

How can you copy a transition from one edit point to another?

Option-drag or Copy/Paste

How do you create a compound clip in the Timeline?

Select all the clips in the section and File-New Compound Clip or Option-G

How do you manually add a keyframe to volume?


What is a good level of sound to prevent clipping?

-3 to -6db. Always keep the project below 0db

How do you reset clips to original 0db level?

Select clips, click curved arrow icon to the right of the volume and pan control panel. You can also click the pop-up menu next to the icon and select "reset parameter."

Describe 3 methods you can use to display the large Audio Meters pane in Timeline.

Double click on audio meters icon, go to Window - Show Audio Meters, Shift-Command-8

What do yellow audio meters for a clip indicate?

Audio is approaching 0db. Once passing 0db it turns red

How can you adjust the volume of all Timeline clips at one time while preserving each clips relative volume?

Command-A to select all clips, then press Control- or Control+ to raise or lower volume 1db at a time.

How can you solo one or more clips in the Timeline?

Select clips, right click and choose Solo or Option-S

How do you preview one of Final Cut's royalty free sound effects?

Go to Media Browser window, double click sound or highlight and click the play button

How do you adjust the volume of a clip on the fly during playback?

Drag the volume slider line in the audio file or in the inspector use the volume slider in the audio tab.

How do you create an audio fade-in or fade-out in the Timeline?

Adjust slider from the left or right of the clips to add a fade.

How do you adjust the fade options in the Timeline?

Control-Click on the fade slider to adjust preference

How do you create an audio crossfade between two clips in a storyline?

Choose the edge of the edit point between two clips and choose Edit-Add Cross Dissolve or Command-T

You created an audition to preview several versions of an audio clip. How do you finalize your pick?

In the Audition Window, select the clip you want to finalize and click done. In the Timeline, Control-click the clip and choose Audition-Finalize Audition or press Option-Shift-Y

What tool would you use to automatically correct a clip that includes audio hum?

Choose audio enhancements in Inspector and adjust the frequency in the hum removal enhancement.

What tool would you use to record your own voiceover and where do you access it?

Window-Record audio

How does FCP know when you are done entering text in a title?

Press ESC. A Return entry gives another line of text.

How do you open the Titles Browser?

Click on the icon "T" on the toolbar.

How do you insert a title between two clips in the Timeline?

Position playhead between clips, double-click the title in the title browser or hit W on the keyboard. Also drag the title from the browser or hit the insert button on the toolbar.

How would you superimpose a lower third title over a Timeline clip in the primary storyline?

Drag the selected title from the title browser over the clip or place the playhead position to a point on the clip and double-click the title in the title browser. The selected clip inserts at the playhead position over the clip.

How do you change the text in a title in your Timeline?

Double-click on the text in the viewer and change it. Press ESC when done.

How do you display the title safe and action safe zones?

In the viewer menu select View Title Safe/Action Safe Zones.

How do you adjust the color of a title?

Select the title and change the color in the inspector window.

How would you reposition a title in the viewer?

In the viewer select the position button below the title and move it.

What is an easy way to find a specific title in the Timeline?

Open Timeline Index, click the Titles button, move to the selected title and the playhead will move to the position on the Timeline.

How can you find and replace specific text in a title, for example in a long credit roll?

Select the clip and choose Edit>Find and Replace Title Text. In the window that appears, enter the text in the Find Field and the replace text in the Replace Field. In the "Search-In" menu choose Selected Title and click Replace All.

What happens when you double-click a generator in the Generators Browser?

The generator inserts into the Timeline at the playhead position in the primary storyline.

Why would you use a Placeholder generator instead of a gap clip?

A gap simply holds the space and a placeholder allows you to enter information about the missing clip such as framing, how many people, the background, whether it's interior/exterior or night/day shot. You can also add specific notes.

How do you assign an image to a drop zone theme?

In the inspector, click a drop zone and then click the image in the Event Browser. In the "Select a Source Clip" window that appears, click Apply Clip.

Change duration of a clip?


How can you apply a 50% constant speed change to a clip?

Select clip in timeline, go to retime pop-up menu, choose slow 50%. You can also set the speed option in the Modify menu.

What indicators show that a clip's sped has been changed?

Blue bar in timeline = increased speed and orange = slower.

How can you precisely set a custom speed for a clip?

From the Retime pop up choose Show Retime Editor or Cmd-R to display the editor above the section in the timeline. You can drag the handle to the speed you want.

How do you reset a speed setting?

Select a range of clips, clip or clip portion. Choose Modify - Retime - Reset Speed.

How do you create a freeze frame?

Go to the frame you want to freeze and from the Retime pop up choose Hold or Shift-H. The modify menu system also has option.

You created a slow motion segment within a clip. How can you quickly adjust the end frame?

In the Retime editor, click the triangle next to the speed percentage, and choose Change End Source Frame from the pop-up menu. When the tiny filmstrip icon appears, drag it left or right and watch the Viewer until you see the Frame you want to use.

How do you automatically ramp down the speed of a clip?

Select a clip in the Timeline, and from the Realtime pop-up menu in the toolbar, choose Speed Ramp >0%. The clip is segmented into 4 parts with different percentages. To customize the speed ramp, drag any one of the 4 retiming handles to set the speed you want.

Where do you access speed presets such as Instant Replay or Rewind?

Choose a preset from the Retime pop-up menu in the toolbar.

How do you access Transform controls?

Click the Transform button in the lower left corner of the viewer or press Shift-T.

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