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Who was at the top of the Social Hierarchy in Jewish culture?
Supreme High Priest
In the Social Hierarchy of Jewish culture, what is the Council made up of?
Three groups:
1. The High Priests
2. The Lay Senators
3. The Scribes, Scholars or Lawyers
All members were experts on religious questions
Who was in charge of the Jewish Government?
The Great Council (consisted of 72 members)
How many classes did the Palestinian Economic Structure consisted of? Name the classes.
Two social classes
1. The poor (peasants)
2. Land owners (well to do class)
Was there a middle class in the Palestinian Economic Structure?
NO! There was only the poor (bottom) and the land owners (top)
How many Jewish Codes are there?
Name the Jewish Codes
1. Honour
2. Shame
4. Challenge
5. Social Hierarchy
Jewish culture was deeply based on the _________/__________ system
If your shamed yourself, would the shame just belong to you?
No. It would belong to your family and village. The shame would be passed around like a bad smell.
What was one of the reasons people had many children?
So that the children could take care of their parents when they become old. This displayed the Honour the children had for their parents.
Explain what "Honour" meant in Jewish times
To obey one's parents (it was the first commandment with promise). It was a very serious sin to fail to obey one's parents,
What is "_____ ________" is pure. What is not is _________.
In place
Jesus made sinners holy and the sick whole. What Jewish Code does this resemble?
How did Jesus challenge the Jewish Purity System?
1. He dealt with people he should avoid
2. He did unconventional things
3. He did not observe customs about places and times
Jesus did not violate customs. He disagreed with some teachings of other teachers. What Jewish Code is this an example of?
Name the four authors of the Gospels in the New Testament
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
Luke 4:14 is like an address to a certain story in the Bible. What is the correct term of this "address"
Biblical Reference
Name the two testaments of the Bible
The Old Testament and The New Testament