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Bean Traffic Warning Signs

there is another road ahead which crosses the road you are on.
signal ahead
intersection with traffic light ahead, be prepared
merging traffic
be prepared fro other cars & trucks blending into your lane
two-way traffic
keep right traffic is traveling in both directions, you will be meeting oncoming cars
divided highway begins
you are getting close to where 2-way traffic will be divided by a center stripe
divided highway ends
2-way traffic will no longer be divided by a center stripe
merge left
2 lanes of traffic will soon become 1 lane
farm machinery
be ready to slow down for farm
pedestrian crossing
watch out for people who might walk or run in front of you
deer crossing
deer in area, watch for them
hill ahead
road ends, must go left or right
horse-drawn vehickle
watch for slow moving horse-drawn vehicles
gradual right curve
road ahead curves gradually to the right
slippery when wet
road may be slippery when it has rained or snowed
chevron sign
used to mark a curve
ramp speed
recommended speed on an exit ramp
advance school crossing
a school crossing is coming
school crossing
watch for children

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