Leadership Development

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1. Advance the Self-Management Skills of
Clients. ("time-managnebt" organization. Educate them on the benefit of physical activity but most people know its good for you. Get them to see the importance perosnally and hav ethem schedule in fitness. Set REALISTIC goals and makes ure they can actually do them. Lsitent to see where there will be an issue with time and rganization.)
2.Encourage Introspection & Self-Reflection
in Your Clients. (Intrinsic motication is key. Encourage them to think about the differnet things that motivate them. 1 reason is never enough. You cannot force someone to change. Advice doesn't realy work.)
3. Build Self-Efficacy & Self-Determination in
your Clients. (Beliefe in your abilities: self-eficacy. Self determination "being your own boss". Challenge them and educating will help with these. Self determination: atonomy , relatedness, self conficdence. Keep them stuck on their values)
4. Make Goal-Setting and Reviewing Goals a
Part of Every Session with Your Client. (Figure out a way to do this: list their goals ahead of time and make it apart of every session.)
5. Provide Feedback & Track Client Progress. (Use multiple measurements to show them that they are being succesful. Setting a goal to climb a mountian inst enough you need all the feedback when your actaully climbing it. )
6. Teach your Client to Pay Attention to Their
Self-Talk. (The clients that arent staying in touch. You can only have one thought in your head and you are the only one who controls them. Make them pay attention to what they are thinking through all the events in their lives so that they realize what they need to do and become aware.)
7. Provide Choices.(Teaches people to act with intention. Big part in changing behaviour. Everyone has intetnions even with things they know are bad for them. Start with them looking back and how did you feel after how did you feel by not going)
8. Provide Accountability & Encourage Social
Cohesion.( Clients are more likely to contribute to you if you are continuesly checking in. social aspect is the biggest motivator for people to hangout and workout. Create a community )
9. Recognize & Reward.
Get close to people & be thoughtful.
Be creative about incentives.
Just say 'thank-you'. (Not being recognized is the most demotivating thing and you tend to stop trying so hard. Think about when someone noticed something and how you felt and how you can make them feel the same way. Pay attention to your clients and what they like for a reward. Words may not be the best for some. People need to be recognized once a week)
10. Tailor Motivation Techniques to Each
Client.Find out what people values the most in this world and tailor their motivation towards that. Then find out if they are intrinsically motivated or extrinsically motivated. Always find that INTRINSIC motivation. There needs to be more then one thing motivating you. Always develop more needs to exercise.)