PECC Police Call Types

Poudre Emergency Communications Center Police call types, priority ratings, and what the call type means.

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Burglary Alarm: Priority 5. Silent or audible alarm activated at a business or residence.
Hold up Alarm: Priority 1, downgraded to Priority 2. Alarm at business activated by an employee.
Panic Alarm: Priority 1, downgraded to Priority 2. Activated by a person at a residence or business. Entered either inteltionally by typing in command code, or unintentionally by entering panic code.
Alcohol Contact: Priority 3. Generally an officer-initiated call. Can be someone calling to report a drunk in public, or contact by officer for an open container.
Animal Related Call: Priority 3. Usually a barking dog handled by FCPD after 2000 when animal control is closed.
Arson: Priority 3. Officer-initiated call when they must responds to a fire that is suspicious.
Assault: Priority 3. Can be upgraded if necessary. When a victim has been hit or injured by another party and that party has left.
Assist: Priority 3. Calls that do not fit into another category.
BIke Contact: Officer initiated call. No priority.
Bomb Threat: Priority 2. Someone calls to threaten to have a bomb or any location calls to report a suspected bomb in the area.
Burgalry in Progress: Priority 1. Suspect is seen or heard breaking into home, or business
Cold Burglary: Priority 3. Someone calls to report that they have found their house or business has been broken into.
Child Abuse or Negligence: Priority 3. Where suspected child abuse has occured or a child's welfare needs to be checked.
Civil Situation: A situation involving a person's legal rights, NOT involving a crime. EX: Someone wants an officer on scene to keep peace when retreiving property.
Criminal Mischief: Priority 3. Willful and/or malicious damage of another's property. Graffiti reports classified with this type. "Cold" call.
Death Investigation: Priority 3. Never initial call type. Officer initiated.
Disturbance: Priority 2. Either verbal or physical. Does NOT include noise disturbance. *Includes a circumstance when someone WILL NOT leave the location.*
Drug Related Situation: Priority 3. Situation involving possession or use of drugs. Used when caller suspects a neighbor is selling drugs, or sees someone smoking MMj is public.
Driving Under the Influence: Priority 3. Not used as initial call type. Will be changed after an officer advises they have "one in custody." If someone else is calling to report a suspected drunk driver, call type is REDD.
Follow-up: Priority 3. Any follow-up work on a specific case or incident. The original case or incident number should be included in the text of the follow-up call.
Found Property: Priority 3. Someone else's property is found by a citizen.
Fraud: Priority 3. Intentionally trying to deceive or misrepresent for personal gain. Mainly pharmaceutical fraud, or using stolen checks or credit cards.
Fireworks Complaint: Priority 5. Report of fireworks being discharged in city limits.
911 Hang-Up: Priority 2. Typically 3 types of hang-up calls. 1) Call abandoned as line is picked up (as indicated by light blue 911 line) 2) Caller hangs up as soon as you answer or shortly after you answer, and 3) When you answer and the line is 'open,' but no one is speaking to you.
Harrassment: Priority 3. Purposeful conduct directed toward a person which alarms, bothers, or troubles them.
Juvenile Problem/Situation: Priority 3. Call for service where a juvenile is acting in a manner where police are needed but does not fit any other call type. EG: "Kids throwing rocks at passing motorists."
Kidnapping: Priority 1. An IN-PROGRESS call where a person is taken away by unlawful force and against one's will by SOMEONE OTHER than family.
Littering: Priority 3. Trash carelessly dropped or left about.
Lost Property: Priority 3. Someone's personal property has been lost, including wallets, cell phones, etc. Calls handled by records, not dispatch.
Missing Adult/Runaway/Missing Child: Priority 3. Missing person's reports are not limited to a certain window of time. Call entered if someone thinks someone is missing, due to suspicious, unknown, or medical reasons. RUNAWAYS are where juvenile's parents do not know where they are. If parents know whereabouts, they must go pick up the child unless there are dangers.
Municipal Code Violations: Priority 3. Any call to City police that results in code violation that does not fit into any other category. Included is urinating in public.
Motor Vehicle Accident Hit-and-Run: Priority 3. Accident involving vehicles where one of the drivers has left the scene and no one is injured.
Motor Vehicle Accident with Personal Injuries (Combined Call): Priority 2 for Police, Priority 1 for Fire/EMS. Accident where a person was injured, or where a vehicle injured a bicyclist or pedestrian.
Motor Vehicle Accident Non-Injury: Prioroty 3. Accident where no injury is reported. Includes private property accidents where informant INSISTS on police presence.
Motor Vehicle Accident with Unknown Injury: Priority 3. Accident where confirmation of injuries cannot be confirmed.
Motor Vehicle Accident with Extrication (Combined Call): Priority 2 for Police, Priority 1 for Fire/EMS. Accident with someone trapped or suspected to be trapped in vehicle.
Noise Complaint: Priority 3. Reprt of loud or excessive noise not caused by a disturbance. Includes parties, and construction.
Party Registration: Priority 3. Used to document a party to a certain house/apartment on a specific day.
LAW Test Call in CAD: Priority 3. Used to check for unit recommendation or test an issue in CAD.
Private Property Tow: Priority 3. Vehicles towed off private property by a tow company at request of management, or in case of reposession. *Advised calls, created and closed out at the same time.*
Request Assistance: Priority 1. Used when police need fire response, or vice versa. Generally used when initial call was not combined when created, or when call escalates and needs combined response. *NOT A CALL TYPE*
Reddi Report: Priority 3. Someone calls to report a drunk driver.
Robbery: Priority 1. Taking or attemptive taking of anything of value from someone forcibly, or by threat of violence. *NOTE WHETHER WEAPON IS PRESENT OR NOT!*
Sex Offense: Priority 3. Includes exposing oneself, masturbating in public, and sexual assault.
Sierra: Priority 3. Call type that is entered when an alarm is received from 3SI system.
Shooting (Combined Call): Priority 1 for Police and Fire/EMS. Someone has been shot, a drive-by shooting, or shots fired at someone while in their car.
Stabbing: Priority 1. Someone has just been stabbed. Make sure to note if suspect is still on scene, and where the weapon is. Also note suspect description, getaway vehice, etc.
Structure Fire Assist (Combined Police & Fire Call): Priority 2 for Police, Priority 1 for Fire. Police are assisting with structure fire, directing traffic, etc.
Suicide Threat or Attempted Suicide (Combined Call): Priority 2 for both Police & Fire/EMS. *Call is automatically combined, so if someone does not need EMS, change to just Police repsonse.*
Suspicious Circumstance: Priority 3. Individuals, vehicles, or situations that are specific in nature. If someone is SEeN SNEAKING IN SOMEONE'S yard, call is UPGRADED to PRIORITY 2 (In-Progress).
Theft: Priority 3. Unlawful taking or attempting of property from another. *UPGRADE TO PRIORITY 2 IF IN PROGRESS!*