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Left Hemisphere of the Brain
Positive Mood
Logical Sequential Processing
Detail Orientation
Language Abilities
Word Retrivial
Reading/Science/Math/Problem solving
Verbal Memory
Right Hemisphere of the Brain
Episodic Memory
Social Awareness
Eye Contact
Spatial Awareness
Non Verbal Memory
Seeing the whole Picture
Collorative Rehabilitation Model
Collaboration among team members, the individual, the family, and the community is an essential part of rehab and assumed to be in all service models.
Respiratory Function of a Person with a Spinal Cord Injury at C 5
Person may be able to breathe independently most of the day, but will not have a productive cough. Cervical nerves C345 supply the diaphragm. Spinal injuries in the cervical area almost always produce at least some respiratory muscle paralysis. Lesions below C4 will support independent breathing at least on a part time basis, but a productive cough which requires the use of intercostal and abdominal muscles in not present.
Autonomic Dysreflexia
Sweating,headache, anxiety,nausea
Most common cause of bladder/bowel distension
Strengthening the bodys defense mechansisms. Diet,herbs,acupunture,PT, counseling, hyrdotherapy, and homeopathy
Constraint of an uninvolved upper extremity by mitt/sling. 90% waking hours, practice exercises 6 hours/day, 1 hour break, 5 days/week. For a total of 2-3 weeks
Stage II Pressure Ulcer
Broken skin, best treated with NS and hyrdocoloid/semi permeable occulsive dressing
It sounds if you have found meaning in your life beyond your phyical health. Please tell me more.
When asked to evaluate his health, Mr.J. states, "Im doing great." The nurse is aware that he has a history of uncontrolled DM with neuropathic pain, shortness of breath, and intermittend angina. She questions his response. HIs answer is, "thats my body..I was talking about my mind and my soul." Which of the following would be an appropriate response?
Safety and Judgement
A patient who has had a stroke and has residual left side neglect is about to be discharged home. What should the rehab nurse educate the family about regarding the unilateral neglect which may jeopardize the patient?
Therapeutic Recreation Therapist
Which member of the rehab team has his/her main goal to provide activities that keep the young patient occupied in a constructive manner that is developmentally appropriate
Functional Area of Practice in Nursing
Characteristic of Case Management
Call doctor immediately or go to ER
A patient recently discharged after having a THR calls and reports acute groin pain and shortening of the involved extremity in external rotation. What should the case manager advise the patient to do?
Listen to and support the client
What action should the RN consider INITIALLY when providing spirtiual care
Children with developmental or physical diabilities
For who were early intervention programs (EIPS) INITIALLY designed?
I know this is important to you, but Im not comfortable joining you. Would you like me to find someone else to do so?
Mrs A is convinced that prayer is an important aspect in her recovery. The RN is skeptical about the power of prayer. Today Mrs A has asked the RN to join her in a prayer session. Which of the following is the BEST way for the RN to answer this request
Ways of expressing sexuality, including communication, dating, love, intercourse, and reproduction.
Facilitating and educating children with cogential and acquired disability is an ongoing process to help them move from dependence to a balance of independence and interdependence. Three of the four concepts listed below are appropriate to teach children from 8-11 years of age and one concept is appropriate for youth in their teens. Which statement reflects content for teenagers
A patient with DM has been admitted to a skilled care unit for recovery and wound healing after several revisions of an AKA that had begun as an ingrown toe nail.The patient says to the RN, "I dont know what else to do. Nothing I try seems to make a difference with respect to healing this wound."
Contractual Allowance
Describes the discounts from full charges available to governments and some other third party payers
Stage 4
Parasomnias such as sleepwalking and enuresis occurs during which stage of sleep?
What must be present for a patient to qualify for home health care under the Medicare program
Using a doctor whose expertise matches the issue
How can the case manager positively INCREASE the value of an Independent Medical Examination (IME)
A man with AIDS and will raise the employers health insurance premium
Which job would be protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
A home evaluation of an OT or PT
When assisting the patient with MS, the case manager should strongly recommend the payer/insurance company authorize funding.
Function of the Rehab Case Manager
Coordinate attendent care and or assistance with behavioral management
Less depressed with a better quality of life
Following a spinal cord injury, patients who exrpress a positive spiritual well-being are MOST likely to exhibit what disposition?
Explore alternative funding sources for the service
What should the case manager do if a needed service is NOT included in the patients insurance policy?
Goals should be relevant to the patient and within the expertise of the rehab team to achieve
Mutual goal setting is important for successful rehab and may influence the effectiveness of coping strategies. Which of the following statements regarding the process of mutual goal setting is TRUE?
Physical Pain often provokes spiritual pain
Which of the following statements BEST depicts the relationship between physical and spiritual pain?
Identify these behaviors as signs of denial and seek opportunities to interact in a low key manner and build rapport
Mr. T is quiet and withdrawn and is not interacting with others? What should the nurse do FIRST?
Incorporated in Orem's Theory of Self Care
Investigation decision making where the patient has control and input regarding activity
Theorist views the person as a biological, symbolic, and social unit
Sleep Apnea
An obese male patient is admitted to your unit. The night RN reports that the patient snores loudly and has recurrent periods of very shallow breathing. What sleep order do you suspect?
Results of soft stool after the suppository and no stool the next day
A 45 year old female has a reflex neurogenic bowel associated with thoracic transverse myelitis. She has a hx of smoking, obesity. Drinks 6 cans of soda a day, eats out often, and deficiates QOD. Her impatient bowel program involves a mild suppository every day @ 8:30 am, a stool softner BID, and drinking 250cc of decaffinated drinks per day. Which pattern of stool consistency and size indicates a trial QOD suppository.
Interdisciplinary Team
Reach a commom goal through team meetings and go beyond their respective disciplines
Goal Attainment through Interaction
The major focus of King's Nursing Theory
Coordinating and securing Community Resources
Involved in the planning and implementation process for patient community re-entry.
Functional Abilities
What should be emphasized when assessing whether an elderly person can be safely discharged to the home environment
Impulsive Control
Parenting a child with a disability can be a difficult balancing act. Failure of parents to set appropriate limits for children 1 to 4 years of age with special needs may interfere with which age appropriate developmental task.
Network Model
Healthcare delivery model does a health maintence organization (HMO) contract with more that 1 physican group practice to provide services
Coordinate an OT visit to provide strategies for joint protection during meal prepartation and clean up
What should the rehab RN do to assure that a patient with RA who lives alone receives adequate nutrition
Communicating physically(caressing, stroking, kissing, and coitus) and emotionally (feeling valued, needed, cared about, and experiencing trust in another) expresses which sexual need between two human beings
Cost Identification
The CNO has requested a study to compare the costs of acute rehab nursing services and the same services provided in a sub acute faciltiy. There is no data related to patient outcomes, so which analysis would be benefical
Physical Therapist
Which member of the rehab team assist functional restoration?