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The Basics Chp. 7 CNA Practice Exam

questions from Hartman's The Basics
What is the normal temperature range for the oral method?
97.6 - 99.6 degrees F
What can an overbed table be used for?
placement of meals
Which of the following thermometers is used to take a temperature from the ear?
tympanic themometer
Which temperature site is considered to be the most accurate?
What should be done with soiled bed linens?
they should be rolled up with the dirty side in
A NA should not take an oral temperature on a person that
is confused or disoriented
Where should the call light be placed when a NA leaves a resident's room?
within the resident's reach
During a resident's admission, the NA should
handle the resident's personal items with care
When taking rectal temperatures, a NA
must hold on to the thermometer at all times while taking a rectal temperature
The most common site to take the pulse is the
radial pulse
The normal respiration rate for adults ranges from
12-20 breaths per minute
Why should respirations be counted immediately after taking the pulse?
people may breathe more quickly if they know they are being observed
What is an NAs responsibility during transfer of a resident?
pack all of the resident's belongings
What blood pressure is within the normal range?
Hypertension is
high blood pressure
What is the correct way to write a blood pressure reading?
Pain is
a different experience for each person
What helps reduce pain?
change of position
Non-sterile dressings are
applied to dry wounds
What can a NA do with IVs?
observe the IV site for problems
When working with catheters, NAs can
observe and report regarding catheters
What is the correct placement for a drainage bag?
it must be kept lower than the hips or bladder
Which type of urine specimen does not include the first and last urine in the sample?
clean catch
Eight ounces is equal to ____milliliters
To convert ounces to milliliters multiply by
Restraints can be applied
only with a doctor's orders
A serious problem that may result from restraints is
pressure sores
An example of a restraint alternative is
giving the resident a repetitive task
If a restraint is applied, a nursing assistant must
check on the resident every 15 minutes