Esperanza 5

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hay mucha gentethere are a lot of peoplela gente indígenathe native peoplecontinuamoswe continueprontosoonme duermoI fall asleepel bus parathe bus stopsde repentesuddenlycorren hacia el busthey run toward the busgritanthey yelltengo miedoI'm scaredpiensoI thinklos soldadosthe soldiersestán buscándonosthey're searching for usles dan dinerothey give them moneylos tomahe takes themme agarrahe grabs melo arrestanthey arrest himagarroI grabcien100pasa frente a míhe passes in front of mele doy los cien queztalesI give him the 100 quetzalsme mira atentamentehe looks at me attentivelyme gritahe yells at meno lo miroI don't look at himUstedes son tresY'all are 3ay, perdónOh, excuse mese los doyI give them to himdespués de una eternidadafter an eternityse vanthey go awaypor finfinallyllegamoswe arrivevamoswe gome preguntahe asks mele respondoI respond to himme preguntoI ask myselflo mataronthey killed himcontinuamos hacia la casawe continue toward the houselo arrestaronthey arrested himestá enfrente de la casahe's in front of the houseesperándonoswaiting for uslloro descontroladamenteI cry uncontrollablydurante los meses siguientesduring the following monthsobtiene trabajohe gets workcompramoswe buyestoy tristeI'm sadestoy soloI'm aloneno tengoI don't havetampoconeitherlos meses pasanthe months passtodavíastillquiero irI want to goquiero regresarI want to returnhaythere isvas a entraryou're going to entersin documentoswithout documentslos guatemaltecosthe Guatemalansno pueden pasarthey can't passme explica su planHe explains his plan to meustedes van a regresary'all are going to returnvoy a irI'm going to gocuando lleguewhenever I arrivevoy a buscarI'm going to search forsi obtengo trabajoIf I obtain worktodo está bieneverything's alrightte llamoI'll call youvas tú tambiényou'll go toodurante los siguientes díasduring the following daysotra vezagaincompra un boletohe buys a ticketla ciudadthe cityestamos separadoswe're separatedal contrarioon the contrarypidenthey ask for