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  1. a high pressure zone where wind blows outward and clockwise
  2. the actual amount of water vapor in the air compared to the possible amount of water vapor in the air
  3. the sun
  4. air blows from high to low pressure
  5. the amount of water vapor in the air
  6. upper atmosphere wind that separates cold air masses from warm air masses

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  1. how is air pressure shown on maps?iso bars


  2. air pressurethe amount of pressure exerted by weight of air


  3. sea level air pressure14.7 lbs./sq. in


  4. what happens in a low pressure zone?air falls in a high pressure zone, causing sunny weather


  5. coriolis effecta cold polar air mass advances onto a warm air mass, cold dry stable air replaces warm, moist unstable maritime air, there is often precipitation behind the front


  6. what is the result of a change in air pressure?pressure gradients