Endontics chapter 54

Periradicular tissues?
Tissues that surround the root of a tooth
What specialist has been trained to perform root canal therapy?
What urgent situation can result if bacteria reach the nerves and blood vessels of a tooth?
Is pain a subjective or objective component of a diagnosis?
Tooth #5 is being tested for possible root canal therapy. Which tooth would be used as a control tooth?
When the dentist taps on a tooth, what diagnostinc test is being performed?
What type of xray would be exposed through the course of RCT?
Name the diagnosis of inflamed pulp tissues?
Another term for necrotic?
Dead or Nonvital
The dental material most commonly preferred for pulp capping?
Calcium hydroxide
What portion ot the pulp would the dentist remove in a pulpotomy?
Coronal portion
What instrument has tiny projections and is used to remove pulp tissue?
What type of file is best suited for canal enlargement?
Purpose of a rubber stop (ancillary) placed on a file?
Prevent perforation and maintain the correct measurement of the canal
What does OBTRURATE mean?
Fill a pulpal canal
The irrigation material most commonly used during RCT?
Diluted sodium hypochlorite (50% bleach/50% water)
The material commonly used for obturation of a canal?
The type of moisture control recommended by the ADA for RCT?
Dental dam
What surface of a posterior tooth would the dentist enter with a rotary bur when opening a canal for RCT?
What is the surgical procedure that involves the removal of the apex of the root?