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definite volume and a definite shape

A solid is a state of matter that has a


The resistance of a liquid to flowing is its

free to move in a container but remain in close contact with one another

Particles of a liquid are


In which state of matter do the particles spread apart and fill all the spae available to them

a solid turns directly into a gas

During the process of sublimation

surface tension

The surface of water can act like a sort of skin due to a property of liquids called

melting point

The freezing point of water is the same as its

a liquid becoming a gas

What is vaporization

vaporization, then condensation

An uncovered pot of soup is simmering on a stove, and there are water droplets on the wall above the back of the stove. What sequence can you infer has occured

the pressure of the air above the substance

The boiling point of a substance is affected by


In cold climates, the amount of snow on the ground may decrease even if the temperature stays below zero degrees Celsius. The process that best explains this event is.

a substance that flows

a fluid is


the amount of space that a gas takes up is its


in which state of matter are particles packed tightly together in fixed positions


which state of matter undergoes changes in volume most easily


the state of matter in which particles are arranged in either a crystalline or an amorphous form is


does not have a definite shape, but it does have a definite volume

more freely than

particles in a liquid move around _______ particles in a solid


water vapor is a colorless gas that is _____ to see


at its____ temperature, the particles of a liquid are moving so slowly that they begin to form regular patterns


Pieces of dry ice become smaller through the process


in_____ solids, the particles are not arranged in a regular pattern


the common state of mater that does not have a definite shape or a definite volume


the resistance of a liquid to flowing is


salt, sugar, and snow are examples of


a shrinking puddle is an example of_____ or vaporization that takes place only on the surface of a liquid


when a substance cools, it loses_____ energy to its surroundings


occurs when particles in a gas lose enough thermal energy to form a liquid


occurs when a liquid changes to a gas below its surface as well as at the surface


the temperature of a substance increases when the _____ energy of the substance increases


Sublimation is the change of a solid directly into


solids that have particles arranged in a regular, repeating pattern are know as


in a ______ the particles are packed closely together, but they can move past each other freely


the characteristic temperature at which a pure solid changes to a liquid is its _____ point

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