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32 terms

SC 120 09 24 and 29

geographical coordinates
what is the great circle
plane throught the center of the globe
what is an arc
shortest distance between any two points
Equator is between ?
the 2 poles
lines of logitude
line of latitude
Meridians converge as you move towards
a nautical mile is?
1 minute of longitude at the equator
every degree at the equator is
60 nautical miles
Equator defines
0 degrees latitude at the pole
Prime meridian
the meridian running through Greenwich, England, from which longitude east and west is reckoned
an imaginary line around the Earth parallel to the equator
when meridians and parallels meet they for a
Lat and Long meet at
a confluence
wher eis the artic circle
66 degrees 33 minutes
artic has all sun and all dark at the
Meridians were surveyed in
westward direction
first meridian is the
principal meridian
what degree is the first meridian
97 degrees 30 minutes
2nd meridian
3 meridian
106, so it went up 4 not 2 this time
4 meridian
5 meridian
6 meridian
wher is the prime meridian
0 degrees at greenwhich
Greenwhich is how many hours away from us?
7 hours
where is the dateline?
180 degrees east and west long
equator is 0 degrees north and south
what degrees is the north pole
90 degrees lat
How many time zones are there?
Quadrilateral townships
start at 49 and go north then west from meridian
townships go north
from 1 to 126
how big is a township
6 mile by 6 miles, 36 miles squared