T/F: There is one creed and doctrine for Hindus
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T/F: Illusions are known as mayaTrueT/F: Karma is the belief of reincarnationFalseT/F: Death, life, and rebirth are connected to how one acts now; they determine your fate for the futureTrueT/F: Liberation from the cycle of death, life, and rebirth is known as samsaraT/F: Badas means divine knowledgeT/F: Janes and Sikhs emerge from HinduismFalseT/F: 4 Vedas are the past leaders of HinduismTrueT/F: India has enjoyed many centuries of self-governmentFalseT/F: Hindus are found in every part of the world with the concentration in IndiaTrueT/F: Brahmins created a complex ritual system which allowed people to begin worshiping at homeT/F: Life cycles are not important to HindusWhat is the original name of Hindus?The word Hindu comes from the Sanskrit word meaning 'sindhu' meaning 'river'What is puja?The worship and honoring of godsHow does one deal with samsara?1. Ways of study 2. Devotion and good deeds 3. Jnana, Bhakti, and KarmaWhat are the classes of the caste system?top: gods Brahmin (priests, academics) Kshatryia (warriors, kings) Vaishya (merchants, landowners) Sudra (commoners, peasants) Untouchables (outcasts)What are the three paths to moksha?Pursuit of liberation from the cycle of rebirth through actions, thoughts, and devotionsDefine gurusTeachersDefine BrahminPriestsDefine BrahmanUltimate RealityDefine Vedas'Wisdom'Define the language of SanskritDefine DharmaOne's duties in life, especially dictated by a casteDefine casteDefine transcendentalDefine avatarsThe incarnation of a god or goddessDefine mayaMind, body and emotions or illusionsDefine karmaDefine samsaraCycle of rebirthDefine Atman'Real self'What are 2 differences between Catholics and Hindus?- Karma - ReincarnationWhat are 2 similarities between Catholics and Hindus?- Pursuing social concerns - Honoring Jesus and his teachingsIdentify samsara and identify what three things break the cycleSamsara is the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. To break the cycle you need knowledge, good deeds, and devotionWhat are the 4 pursuits of life?1. Artha 2. Dharma 3. Moksha 4. KamaWhat are the 4 ashramas?1. The student 2. The householder 3. Retired 4. Hermit