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More cool Spanish vocab!



el ademán

the gesture

hacer ademán de

make as if to


to rescue

acudir al rescate de

to come to the rescue of


to show up, attend, to turn to

acudir a una cita

to show up for an appointment

A casa quemada acudir con el agua

Show up with water after the house is burnt down. (i.e., Close the barn door after the horse gets out.)

la peste, la plaga

the plague (2)

a través de

via, by means of, through (through the years, through a window, through my friend)



el ambiente

environment, atmosphere, "scene"

la cuerda

the rope, string (regular, of violin, bow, racket)


to surround

una hormiga

an ant


wrapped up, involved

un don, un talento

a gift, talent (2)



un través

a crossbeam, a misfortune

la arroba

the "at" sign: @

el comportamiento

the behavior

comportarse, portarse

to behave (2)

gracias por invitarnos

Thanks for inviting us

una experiencia

an experience



la lana

the wool

el algodón

the cotton

el cuero

the leather

la fibra de vidrio

the fiberglass

el vidrio

the glass



el hormigón

the concrete

el metal

the metal

estoy de vuelta

I'm back


South America

la frontera

the border (of country)

el borde

the edge, border

está a una hora de la ciudad

It's one hour from the city.

me alegra que...

I'm glad that / It makes me happy that

Por lo tanto, por consiguiente

therefore, so, as a consequence (2)

hoy en día

nowadays, these days

un refresco

a soft drink, a cold drink

Me das ganas de ir.

You make me want to go.


to order, request

una asignatura

a subject (in school)

el 18 de setiembre

Chile's national holiday

un semáforo

a traffic light

un atasco

a traffic jam

los mejoramientos

the improvements



tener pendiente

to have pending / on one's list

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