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Lab Equipment AIS Science

test tube diagram

Test tube rack diagram

Test tube brush diagram

Spatula diagram

Crucible Tongs diagram

Test tube holder diagram

Forceps diagram

Wash bottle diagram

Disposible pipet or dropper diagram

Ring stand diagram

Wire gauze diagram

clay triangle diagram

Evaporating dish diagram

Mortar and pestle diagram

Crucible and cover diagram

Bunsen burner diagram

Iron ring diagram

Utility clamp diagram

Graduated cylinder diagram

Funnel picture diagram

Erlenmeyer Flask diagram

Beaker diagram

Watch glass diagram

Thermometer diagram

Safety goggles diagram

Stopper diagram

Stirring rod diagram

Petri dish diagram

Ring Stand or tripod used

to support other instruments

Mortar and pestle used

to grind (crystals or chemicals) into a fine powder

Graduated Cylinder used

to measure small volumes exactly. 10, 50, 100mL sizes

Bunsen Burner used

connected to rubber tubing & gas to supply heat

Flask (Florence and Erlenmeyer) used

for making and storing solutions. Maybe heated

Funnel used

to move liquids from big to small containers or with filter paper to filter liquids

Pipette or Dropper used

to transfer very small volumes of liquids 1-5mL

Beaker used

for making and storing liquids. May be used to estimate volumes. May be heated

Safety goggles/ glasses used

to keep eyes safe

Tongs (Crucible) used

to hold large instruments and keep distance (ie hot)

Stirring Rod used

to mix solutions

Stopper used

to contain liquids or gases in test tubes or flasks

Test Tube Rack used

to keep test tubes upright and organized for experiments

Test Tube Holder or Clamp used

to grasp test tube for heating

Test tube brush used

to clean test tubes after use

Test Tube used

to hold small amounts for testing. Can be heated

Petri Dish used

to grow yeast or bacteria cultures or contain things for experiments

tripod diagram

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