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The science of data


information, in the form of facts or figures obtained from experiments or surveys, used as a basis for making calculation or drawing conclusions

2 Types of Data

Qualitative and Quantitative


Information that relates to characteristics or descriptions

Example of Qualitative data

Species of plant, type of insect, shades of color, rank of flavor in taste testing

Can qualitative data be scored and evaluated with numbers?


Quantitative Data

measured using naturally occurring numerical scale

Example of Qualitative Data

Chemical concentration, temperature, length, wight


value that appears most frequently


when all data are listed from least to greatest, the value at which half of the observations are greater, and half or lesser


the most commonly statistic use to measure of central tendency

Standard deviation

statistic that tells you how tightly packed all the various examples are clustered around the mean in a set of data

Causation and Correlation

correlation does not imply causation

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