brave new world sentences

Tally popped open the heart pendant, looking down into the little glowing ______ where the laser waited to read her eye- print.
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The evening's fireworks came when the candidates, exhausted after three months of breakneck campaigning, leveled ______ attacks at one another.causticIn that case the inertial forces of rotation, such as the ______ force we experience on a merry-go-round, can be interpreted as gravitational forces.centrifugalIndoor bioethanol fireplaces are in vogue, exuding the ______ warmth of a roaring fire even within chimney-deprived houses and apartments.primalLike a yawn or a blush, hiccups are a _______ quirk many experience but few understand.corporealCoach Wooden believed in positive communication that ______ them with values of humanity, fair play, responsibility to the team and fairness.inculcatedWhen you wrote the hologram story, were you aware of these _______ music tours showcasing holograms of deceased musicians?posthumousMany homeless men and women say that the conditions of the city's shelters are _____ and that they feel safer sleeping outside.deplorableBut Momo's arguments and nominal adventures with her annoying otherworldly cohorts quickly pall before giving way to a _______ , mewling sentimentalism.maudlinIt looks like a third-world shantytown, a refugee camp, a ______ inhabited by the damaged and desperate.dystopiaPoorly conceived videos can be as unhelpful as _______ text, of course, and no video will fully substitute for an in-person demonstration.inscrutablePsychologists are finding that simply ________ the things you're grateful for can give you a greater sense of well-being.enumerateThe devastation seemed ______ with the blossoming trees and bright blue sky.incongruousThose words are from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s _______ speech at an April 3, 1968, rally in Memphis for striking sanitation workers.galvanicI've learned that manhood is deeply bruised at the smallest slight while pretending to be a pillar of strength and ______.stoicismStar upon star, red, blue, yellow, and white, swirling nebulae, galaxy upon galaxy: the universe, in its ______ and darkness.incandescence