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lack of feeling or emotion; impassiveness; lack of interest in things generally found exciting, interesting, or moving; indifference


acceptance, as of a proposal or statement; compliance; to agree to something, especially after thoughtful consideration


understanding, concerned identification with another's situation or feelings; the attribution of one's own feelings to an object


expressing or arousing pity, sympathy, or tenderness; sad; distressing and inadequate


the scientific and medical study of a disease, its causes, its processes, and its effects; the physical changes in the body and its functioning as a result of a disease or disorder


a sense of something about to occur; premonition; foreboding


arousing great interest or excitement; designed to shock or thrill spectators or readers; outstanding; spectacular


the ability to feel, sense, or perceive; mental or emotional responsiveness toward something; refined awareness and appreciation in matters of feeling and perception


inclined to give advice in a self-righteous way; inclined to wise sayings; abounding in proverbs; brief and pointed in meaning or expression; saying much in a few words


a thought, view or attitude based more on feeling than on reason; a general cast of mind regarding something; tender, romantic, or nostalgic feeling

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