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comfort zones

A limited area of perception and association wherein the individual/group can function effectively without experiencing uneasiness or fear


to recall or form mental images from the imagination:to make perceptive to the mind


an unpleasant emotional state of apprehension,dread,or distress that exists oftentimes with no objective


the level of mind through which material passes on the way toward consciousness;an information store containing memories that are momentarily outside of awareness but that can easily be brought into consciousness


having the strong possibility for development into a state of actuality;possible or in the making;latent


a sought end that may be actual and objective,or internal,subjective and operational;conceived future

negative creativity

ideas that come from your creative subconscious when you want to avoid something


an expression to indicate that one fails to see or is blind to alternatives and therefore can only see the possibilities


a predisposition to a mode of behavior given the appropriate stimulus


mentally,emotionally and physically able to succeed at a task or challenge


possessing intelligence;ability to think and learn


to be imprisoned,resulting in inaction followed by thoughts or actions that move one foward


an emotional acceptance of proposition,statement,or doctrine


a characteristic of a proposition,statement or belief that corresponds with reality,as it is known,possibly baedon an earlier evaluative process


A pattern of thought.


an act whereby one evaluates or assesses one's behavior;how one talks to or reaffirms to one's self when one reacts one's own evealuation


being wary of something done or said;discriminating,as in "skeptical listener"


give approval to;to agree with

cognitive dissonance

an emotional state where two simultaniuosly held attitudes or cognitions are in consistent,or there is a conflict between belief and overt behavior;thought conflict

self fullfilling prophecy

a phenominon wherein ones prediction about the future may come to pass,bc of the belief that underlies the prediction


those mental processes that give coherence and unity to sensory input;a conscious event initiated by some external event

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