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key concepts


An expression to indicate that one fails to see or is blind to alternatives and therefore can see only limited possibilities


A learned act;pattern of activity that has,through repitition,become automatic,fixed,and easily and effortlessly carried out


mentally,emotionally and physically able to succeed at a task or challenge


a product of thought


to be imprisoned, resulting in inaction followed by thoughts or actions that move one forward


Having the strong possibility for development into a state of actuality; possible or in the making;latent


The level of mind through which material passes on the way toward full consciousness; an information store containing memories that are momentarily outside or awareness but that can easily be brought into consciousness


an emotional acceptance of proposition,statement,or doctrine


A characteristic of proposition,statement,or belief that corresponds with reality,as it is known,possibly based on an earlier evaluative process


...A pattern of thought


...An act whereby one evaluates or assesses one's behavior:how one talks or reaffirms to oneself when one reactsb to one's evaluation,or others' evaluations of one's performance

self regulate

adhering to and following an internal standard


a nerve cell

creative avoidance

.A movement away from an object or goal by means of the imagination with the intent of anxiety reduction.


in terms of human activity,any measurable response of a person


a state of psychological tension produced by physical,and social forces and pressures


a sought end that may be actual and objective,or internal,subjective and operational;conceived future...


...all that forms an integral par of what an individual believes to be real;the perception and assessment of the enviroment in ways that coordinate w/ one's social and cultural schemes and values


An act whereby one has limited perception of possibilities,problems,or solutions;a restricted, narrow,or singular view of alternatives

Collective Truth

...ideas or beliefs held to be true by a group,team,or organization

ah-ha insight;sudden realization of new information

sure-enough principle believing something will happen,it will

Reticular Activating System (RAS)

...A network of neurons in the brainstem involved in consciousness,


any learned,functional connection between two or more elements

Significant make a difference;may be positive or negative


a consciously held belief or opinion


...responsible;answerable for an outcome


the act of establishing what we want


the aspect of mind that encompasses all that one is momentarily aware of


the determining of the value or worth of something;generally measured against a previous experience

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