Hoffwn i pattern


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I would like to
Hoffwn i
You would like to
Hoffet ti
He would like to
Hoffai e
She would like to
Hoffai hi
Tom would like to
Hoffai Tom
The children would like to
Hoffai 'r plant
We would like to
Hoffen ni
You would like to
Hoffech chi
They would like to
Hoffen nhw
I wouldn't like to
Hoffwn i ddim
You wouldn't like to
Hoffet ti ddim
He wouldn't like to
Hoffai e ddim
She wouldn't like to
Hoffet hi ddim
Tom wouldn't like to
Hoffai Tom ddim
They wouldn't like to
Hoffen nhw ddim
We wouldn't like to
Hoffen ni ddim
You wouldn't like to
Hoffech chi ddim
Why would I like to
Sut hoffwn i?
Why would you like to?
Pam hoffet ti?
How would you like to?
Sut hoffet ti?
Why would you like to?
Pam hoffech chi?
When would they like to?
Pryd hoffen nhw?
Where would we like to?
Ble hoffwn ni?
Hoffwn i?
Would I like to?
Would you like to?
Hoffet ti?
Would he like to?
Hoffai e?
Would she like to?
Hoffai hi?
Would Tom like to?
Hoffai Tom?
Would we like to?
Hoffen ni?
Would you like to? (polite)
Hoffech chi?
Would they like to?
Hoffen nhw?