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The basic predicament or challenge that propels a story's plot


plot events that plunge the protagonist further into conflict

rising action

the part of a plot in which the drama intensifies,
rising to climax


plots most dramatic and revealing moment/turning point

falling action

part after climax when drama subsides and conflict is resolved


series of events that give a story its meaning and effect


story's main character and central agent in generating a story's plot


character or force in conflict with protagonist

round character

complex, fully developed character often prone to change

flat character

a 1-dimensional character


process by which an author presents and develops a character


representation of a human being or another creature


time and place

social context

significant cultural issues affecting story's setting


underlying mood or atmosphere produced by a story

point of view

source and scope of narrative voice

narrative voice

voice of narrator

Point of view character

character focused most closely by narrator,
or in 1st person view, the narrator himself


language conventions used to construct the story
like: diction, sentence structure, phrasing, dialogue, etc.


author's choice or words


communicative effect created by author's style


attitude that story creates toward subject matter


meaning or concept after reading a piece of fiction
answers the question "What did you learn from this?"


sensory impression used to create meaning in story

visual imagery

imagery of sight

aural imagery

imagery of sound

olfactory imagery

imagery of smell

tactile imagery

imagery of touch

gustatory imagery

imagery of taste


an object that carries meanings essential to the story
can be universal


work of fiction in which symbols, characters, and events come to represent a different situation.

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