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The relationship between living and non living organisms

Six levels

Species, population, community, eco-system, biome, biosphere


to watch what goes on in an environment


In a lab, so you don't harm the environment, set up an eco-system to test.


creating a replica of something in the environment


non living organisms in an environment


living organisms in an environment


Where organisms live


The part organisms play in a habitat

Preditor/prey relationship

Short term relationship, preditor kills and eats prey.


any long term or close personal relaionship between 2 species


One organism is benifited and one dies.


both organisms are benefitted


one organism is benifited andone is unfazed

Interspecies competition

competition between different species

intraspecies competition

competition between organisms of the same species

Limiting factors

limits how large a factor can grow. Biotic or ABiotic


Autotrouve. Converts solar energy into food energy


Eat producers to get energy.


Primaryconsumer. They only eat plants.


Preditors, scavengers, saprophytes, omnivores. They may eat plants or mostly animals


feed off dead orgaqnisms they did not kill

Primary consumers

Eat the consumers eat the producers

secondary consumers

only eat other producers


They break down dead organisms and take in some nutrients and release some in the soil.

Enerygy pyramids

Shows the amount of energy passed on.

Food webs

Represents relationships in an eco-system.

Carrying capacity

Number of organisms that carry support

Ecological succesion

one community replaces another to maintain a forming new stable organisms

Pioneer community

First community to enter and survive in a destroyed eco-system.

Climax community

No longer going through succession. Stable. Lots of biodiversity

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