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by means of


according to, depending on


after, following

aparte (de)

apart, aside (from)

ademas (de)

besides, in addition (to)

a base de

on the basis of

en base a

on the basis of

a beneficio de

on behalf of, for benefit of

a cambio de

in exchange for

a consecuencia/raiz de

as a result of

a fuerza de

by, by dint of

a juicio de

for, in the opinion of

a lo largo de


a modo de

as, in the form of

a partir de

from, starting with/on

con motivo de

for, on the occasion of

acerca de

about, concerning

en calidad de

as, in the position/role of

en cuanto a

as for, with regard to

en forma de

in the shape of, shaped like

en lugar/vez de

instead of, in place of

en torno a

around, about, with regard to

en virtud de

in virture of

a razon de

at the rate of

a traves de

across, through, by

al cabo de

at the end of

en vista de

in view of

por falta de

for lack of

por medio de

by means of

debido a

due to

frente a

in the face of

conforme a

in conformity with, according to

rumbo a

on the way to, in the direction of

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