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Mary Tudor tries to reverse the reformation and restores Catholicism.


Elizabeth I becomes Queen of England and restores Protestantism.

Elizabethan Settlement, 1559

Elizabeth asserted she was supreme over the Church of England, removed some of the more Catholic elements of the church.

The Act Of Supremacy

Restored the Queen's position over the church. She became the supreme governor of the church of England. Part of Elizabethan Settlement.

The Act of Uniformity

Established a common prayer book and set the basic ceremonies of the church.

The 39 Articles of 1563

Moderate Protestant doctrines, probably reflecting Elizabeth's own beliefs.


Papal Bull - The Pope declares that Elizabeth should be deposed, that France and Spain should invade England to overthrow the Queen.


The Northern Rebellion - In Support of Mary Queen of Scots by the Catholics in the North of England.


Ridolfi Plot. Plan for Thomas Howard, The Duke of Norfolk to marry Queen of Scots. The plan was discovered and he was executed.


St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre. French Catholics massacred thousands of French Protestants in Paris.


Babington plot. Sir Anthony Babington was contacted by a priest and made a deal that if Babington could get six nobels to assassinate the Queen then he would get 60,000 soldiers to follow the rebellion on. Resulted in the execution of Mary Queen of Scots.


Spanish Armada in response to the death of Mary Queen of Scots.


King James Bible published as a result of the Hampton Court conference.


George Abbot, hard line Calvinist, is appointed Arch Bishop of Canterbury.


Gunpowder Plot.


Laud made Bishop of London.


Laud elevated to Arch Bishop of Canterbury.


Scottish rebel against the Laudian prayer book.

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