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(n.) a well-known person; someone who is famous; fame


1.) (n.) opinions or ideas given for a plan of action; a talk that leads to a decision; a lawyer 2.) (v.) to give advice or an opinion; to offer help


(v.) to clearly explain, show or prove with examples, models, or experiments; to gather in public to support an opinion or cause


(adj.) ready to fall asleep, sleepy


1.) (adj.) of the highest importance, necessary 2.) (n.) something necessary or very important


(n.) something that causes suffering or difficulty; a condition that is hard to bear


1.) (v.) to move by pulling, dragging, or carting, something in a vehicle; to apply force to transport something 2.) (n.) the amount taken or won at one time


1.) (adj.) low in rank or position; plain, not pround or grand 2.) (v.) to take away one's spirit, power, fame, or independence


1.) (n.) something given as a sign of a promise, especially money meant for a good cause; a sign or promise to fulfill an agreement 2.) (v.) to promise


(adj.) without pretending; with honesty and real feeling


1.) (n.) a wild rush of animals or people, usually when frightened 2.) (v.) to run away or cause to scatter in a wild manner, often in panic; to rush forward together as a crowd


(adj.) just right or appropriate; well matched

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