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The study of life


anything that has or once had all the characteristics of life


arranged in an orderly way


process that results in mass being added to an organism; may include formation of new cells and new structures.


the process of change that occurs during an organism's life to produce a more complex organism


the production of offspring


a group of similar organisms that can mate with each other and produce fertile offspring


any change or signal in the environment that can make an organism react


a reaction to a stimulus


regulation of an organism's internal conditions to maintain life


any inherited characteristic that results from changes to a species over time


a body of knowledge based on the study of nature


an explanation of natural phenomenon supported by many observations and experiments over time

Peer Review

a process by which the procedures used during an experiment and the results are evaluated by other scientists

Metric System

uses units with divisions that are powers of ten


International system of units that help scientists


the field of study that applies science to matters of legal interest


moral principles or values


the process of gathering information about events or processes in a careful, orderly way


Statements made by the speaker that are based on facts or observations

Scientific Method

a series of steps followed to solve problems including collecting data, formulating a hypothesis, testing the hypothesis, and stating conclusions


a testable explanation of a situation


the occurrence of accidental or unexpected but fortunate results


investigating a phenomenon in a controlled setting to test a hypothesis

Control Group

an experiment that uses a group for comparison

Experimental Group

the group exposed to the factor being tested

Independent Variable

the one factor that can be changed in a controlled experiment; is the factor tested and affects the experiment outcome

Dependent Variable

factor being measured in a controlled experiment;value may change because of change to the independent variable


a factor the remains fixed during an experiment while the independent and dependent variables change


information gathered from observations

Safety Symbol

a logo designed to alert you about a specific danger

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